Cognitive ergonomics

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  • Since the World Wide Web became widely available in the mid 1990s, Web-based applications have developed rapidly. The Web has come to be used by a range of people for many different purposes, including online banking, e-commerce, distance education, social networking, data sharing, collaborating on team projects, and healthcare-related activities. Effective user interactions are required for a Web site to accomplish its specific goals, which is necessary for an organization to receive a proper return on investment or other desired outcomes.

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  • CHAPTER 15 ERGONOMIC FACTORS IN DESIGN Bryce G. Rutter, Ph.D., Principal Anne Marie Becka, Editor Metaphase Design Group, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri 15.1 15.2 ERGONOMICS HUMANPERFORMANCE 15.2.1 Physical Ergonomics 15.2.2 Perceptual and Cognitive Ergonomics THE DESIGN PROCESS DESIGNRESEARCH ERGONOMICANALYSES 15.5.1 Anatomical Analysis 15.5.2 Biomechanical Analysis 15.5.3 Task Analysis 15.5.4 Link Analysis 329 329 330 330 330 331 332 332 333 335 335 15.6 15.5.5 Motion Analysis 15.5.6 Thermographic Imprint Analysis 15.5.7 Low-Speed Cine Analysis DESIGNRESEARCH METHODS 15.6.

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  • We show how a simple but innovative synthesis of key disciplines such as computing science and cognitive science, can be deployed in combination with such topics as ergonomics, e-learning, pedagogy, cognitive psychology, interactive system design, neuropsychology etc to create new learning worlds that boost human learning to meet the demands of the 21st century. 2.

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