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  • Cold calling là thuật ngữ chỉ việc tiếp cận khách hàng tiềm năng bằng điện thoại, tuy nhiên khách hàng thường không thích thú với việc này. Tài liệu Complete Cold call script sau đây đưa ra bài tập về điền từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống về một đoạn "cold calling". Mời các bạn tham khảo.

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  • Cùng tham khảo bài viết "Gọi điện cho khách hàng tiềm năng – Cold call test" để nắm bắt khái niệm thuật ngữ Cold call test, cũng như những câu hỏi và câu trả lời dựa trên những tình huống chung và tổng quát nhất về Cold call test.

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  • When new to sales, I followed the advice provided to me by both company training and various books and tapes on the subject. That advice was to prospect via cold calling. I was taught to use both telephone and in-person cold calling, or “pounding the pavement,” and that it was the honorable thing that hardworking salespeople did to succeed. Even though it worked for a while, I always had to struggle to make my numbers that way. All too often, I didn’t make my numbers at all, and I eventually became frustrated altogether with cold calling.

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  • Thomas and Ruddy were a pair of ambitious ten year olds who lived on the same block in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pining for some spending money, they approached their dads with a scheme: Rent us your lawnmowers so we can start a mowing business. A deal was struck and off they went. By August of that hot summer the boys had a dozen accounts apiece—lawns belonging to almost all of the neighbors they knew, most of the lawns within four square blocks, and certainly all of the lawns two ten-year-old boys could handle....

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  • Cold calling objections, first call objections, follow-up meeting objections,... as the main contents of the document "Objections and potential solutions - Executive suite selling". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'embracing the cold call 5 easy ways to love cold calling', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • And Buck really was crazy now. He had fire in his eyes, and he wanted to kill . . . In the end, Buck couldn't stand up. He couldn't see or hear. He was almost dead. In this way, Buck's new life in the cold north of Canada begins. He has to learn many new things, and the lessons are hard. But Buck is a strong, intelligent dog and he wants to live. Buck meets dangerous men—and dogs—in this difficult, snowy country. He changes because he has to change. But can he really be happy there?

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  • Introduction: On 23 March 1989, electrochemists M. Fleischmann and S. Pons claimed in a press conference at the University of Utah that they had achieved nuclear fusion in a tabletop chemistry experiment. Since then, evidence of fusion in what is now called low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research has grown only slightly stronger. Their hypothesis that a novel form of thermonuclear fusion was responsible for their experimental results is still unproved.

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  • Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling ... whatever you want to call it (and I'll use the terms interchangeably), the professional use of the phone in sales is a process, not a goofy technique or gimmick.

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  • The first crop grown in that rejuvenated topsoil was clover. The organism development in that soil must have been awesome, because the plants showed no interest in terminating growth—reaching 12 feet in length when autumn’s cold called a halt. Initial attempts to disk that clover back into the soil failed when the stalks proved too thick to cut. The writer is not exaggerating. The clover root systems were no doubt massive as well.

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  • Một trong những thách thức lớn nhất của doanh nghiệp là làm thế nào để có thêm nhiều khách hàng mới. Một vài cách làm phổ biến hiện nay của đa số doanh nghiệp là tăng cường thực hiện các cuộc gọi cho khách hàng chưa quen biết, quảng cáo, xây dựng trang web… Tuy nhiên, Joane Black - tác giả của cuốn sách No More Cold Calling (tạm dịch: Bí quyết bán hàng qua sự giới thiệu) đã chỉ ra .cách làm dễ dàng và hiệu quả hơn là thông qua sự giới thiệu của người khác.

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  • Người tìm việc có thể bằng nhiều cách để tìm một công việc phù hợp. Internet là một trong những phương tiện được sử dụng nhiều. Thế nhưng, có một cách tìm việc truyền thống mang lại hiệu quả khá cao, nếu bạn thực hiện đầy đủ các bước cần thiết. Phương pháp đó có tên gọi khá dài dòng: Ðiện thoại người nghe không mong đợi (cold calling).

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  • As you might imagine, the program wasn’t just a sensation in terms of sales numbers. It has generated a flood of opinions, on both sides of the matter, as well as numerous copycat artists attempting to sell their own “no cold calling” programs. While there are plenty of people who agree with me that cold calling is now obsolete, the most heated – and angry – opinions come from those who still support the idea of cold calling. Most of these people are the “old-school” types I mentioned, the stereotypical dictator sales managers...

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  • I am using several of the marketing techniques and getting good results. I look forward to developing more of the ideas. The marketing ideas shared in this program are worth a fortune. No question this is the best marketing program in the world. I have spent thousands of dollars on motivational and sales programs over my 20-year sales career and never have I found something this simple and effective to market my service. I look forward to never cold calling again. Thank you for helping revive my sales career. ...

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  • To a lesser extent, I hear from salespeople who insist that they’re doing great with cold calling. Not surprisingly, however, none of them can document their claims with sales reports or actual numbers. Having said that, I’m sure some salespeople out there are actually succeeding by cold calling. If you are one of them, I ask you to go to the chapter entitled, “If Cold Calling Works For You,” before reading anything else in this book.

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  • I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your program. By implementing your principles, I haven't had to make a Cold Call in almost 2 years! I have set up an incredible group of my industry specific professionals to network with and my phone doesn't quit ringing. I start each day now trying to figure out how to fit all of the appointments into one day. I am 140% for my year and I have already qualified for my company's Presidents Club. Next year I plan on putting other systems in place so that I can process more orders. If there...

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  • If you really want to make more money, you can. But not everyone wants to make more. Some people can live very meagerly. As long as they can pay their bills, and have enough left over for a movie once a month, and maybe a night out at a decent restaurant, they’re happy. These individuals will have absolutely no use for information on how to make more money. But if you’re the type of salesperson who likes “things”, this is the program for you.

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  • As I became more well-known and my program continued to sell, I decided that my mission in all this is to save the world from the perils of cold calling. I’m out to save salespeople from the horrors of having to endure the miserable activity of cold calling day in and day out, and I’m also aiming to save customers from the hassle and annoyance of being cold called all the time. As a business owner, I hate receiving cold calls, and as a consumer, I hate when strangers call my home phone trying to...

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  • Khai thác thêm nhiều khách hàng mới luôn là thách thức hàng đầu đối với mọi doanh nghiệp. Rất nhiều doanh nghiệp mở rộng thị trường bằng cách trực tiếp gọi điện thoại cho khách hàng tiềm năng, xây dựng website doanh nghiệp, quảng cáo… .Trong cuốn No More Cold Calling – tác giả Joane Black đã đưa ra những phương pháp đơn giản để phát triển thêm khách hàng từ ảnh hưởng của “người thứ ba”.

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  • To familiarize ourselves with what to expect (in recruitment effort and equipment found) in schools and health care buildings, we began by surveying a high school and a medical clinic in the San Francisco area. We then recruited and surveyed a variety of buildings in Pittsburgh in April, and Atlanta in June 2003. Site recruitment is one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of commercial building surveys. Usually it involves cold-calling from a list of prospective business or building types (e.g., high schools), briefly describing...

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