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  • Chapter 5 - Sales and collections business process. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the business activities that comprise the sales and collection process, develop an activity model of the sales and collection process, understand and apply different activity modeling options, develop business rules to implement controls for the sales and collection process,...

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  • Chapter 12 - Sales/Collection process. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Explain its role and purpose; list and discuss, in order, the steps in the process; explain how the generic structure of most AIS applies to the process; process common transactions; design & critique internal controls based on common risk exposures; develop & interpret process-related systems documentation.

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  • Chapter 12 - Sales/Collection process. When you've finished studying this chapter, and completing the activities at its conclusion, you should be able to: Explain its role and purpose; list and discuss, in order, the steps in the process; explain how the generic structure of most AIS applies to the process; process common transactions; design & critique internal controls based on common risk exposures; develop & interpret process-related systems documentation.

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  • In many health-care settings, the medical assistant is responsible for collecting blood specimens from patients and even performs some testing in the waived category. In order to properly collect the specimens, you will need to review the circulatory system and the function of blood. You will be introduced in this chapter to venipuncture and capillary collection procedures, and you will learn the appropriate supplies and equipment needed to perform these procedures.

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  • BOOK DESCRIPTION This book offers a highly accessible introduction to Natural Language Processing, the field that underpins a variety of language technologies, ranging from predictive text and email filtering to automatic summarization and translation. With Natural Language Processing with Python, you’ll learn how to write Python programs to work with large collections of unstructured text. You’ll access richly-annotated datasets using a comprehensive range of linguistic data structures.

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  • This book covers some of the most important current research related to biological engineering. It is partly a textbook and partly a monograph. It is a textbook because it gives a detailed introduction to biological engineering techniques and applications. It is simultaneously a monograph because it presents and brings together several new results, concepts and further developments. Furthermore, the research results previously scattered throughout many scientific journals and conference papers worldwide, are methodically collected and presented in the book in a unified form....

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  • Mekong Delta rice area's largest with about 3.8 million ha. Of these, winter-spring rice crop was planted 1.5 million hectares, 1.6 million ha of summer-collection, case 3 is 0.5 million ha and 0.25 million ha of winter rice. Rice production in 2008 the entire area is 20.6 million tons in 2009 is estimated at 21 million tons. Supply 90% of the Mekong Delta rice exports contributed greatly to Vietnam in the list of "powers" rice. But this is the loss rate of the highest harvest.

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  • An exhibiting artist since 1966, Lucia Pacenza is one of her country’s major sculptors. Her work is represented in collections in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and the United States. She completed this commission while Artist in Residence at the ANU School of Art. As with Janus, the classical god of doorways whose two faces look both forward and backward, so this arch combines references to both beginnings and ends. The concertina-folded and tooth-edged working around the hole suggests body openings and birth.

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  • The collection of data milling damage in the two provinces for more than three mills each province (Kien Giang and Tien Giang) were made in 2007-2008. Undertaking the recovery of rice will not only depend on the initial quality of rice (existing cracks or major cereals), but also on the effectiveness of the milling operation. So, in this work, the fact milling loss of data is collected in two provinces of Tien Giang and Kien Giang. There exist three system of rice plants in both provinces:

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  • To determine post-harvest losses mainly due to the fact cracked rice, the basic data are collected systematically based on real farmers and also by experimentations. There are a series of activities during harvesting and processing rice harvest. Each of these factors will contribute to the damage. Some of these factors together may depend. The main factors considered in this study during data collection are:

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  • Adding Menus and Processing Menu Events Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 lets you add menus and menu items to a form in two ways. You can use the Visual Studio 2005

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  • In this paper, a new language model, the Multi-Class Composite N-gram, is proposed to avoid a data sparseness problem for spoken language in that it is difficult to collect training data. The Multi-Class Composite N-gram maintains an accurate word prediction capability and reliability for sparse data with a compact model size based on multiple word clusters, called MultiClasses. In the Multi-Class, the statistical connectivity at each position of the N-grams is regarded as word attributes, and one word cluster each is created to represent the positional attributes. ...

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  • We describe the design and function of a robust processing component which is being developed for the Verbmobil speech translation system. Its task consists of collecting partial analyses of an input utterance produced by three parsers and attempting to combine them into more meaningful, larger units.

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  • Web text has been successfully used as training data for many NLP applications. While most previous work accesses web text through search engine hit counts, we created a Web Corpus by downloading web pages to create a topic-diverse collection of 10 billion words of English. We show that for context-sensitive spelling correction the Web Corpus results are better than using a search engine. For thesaurus extraction, it achieved similar overall results to a corpus of newspaper text.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: Understand the role of the questionnaire in the data collection process, become familiar with the criteria for a good questionnaire, learn the process for questionnaire design, become knowledgeable about the three basic forms of questions,...

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the four parts of the data processing cycle and the major activities in each. Describe documents and procedures used to collect and process transaction data. Describe the ways information is stored in computer-based information systems. Discuss the types of information that an AIS can provide. Discuss how organizations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to process transactions and provide information.

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the basic business activities and related information processing operations performed in the revenue cycle; discuss the key decisions that need to be made in the revenue cycle, and identify the information needed to make those decisions; identify major threats in the revenue cycle, and evaluate the adequacy of various control procedures for dealing with those threats.

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  • Beside the species, it is of interest to discriminate the wood according to its production system: wood grown in state forests versus wood grown in villages. In the case of teak or mahogany, the wood sourced from the villages is also known as jati kampung, or mahoni kampung. The use of these various categories is illustrated in Figure 20. Enterprises that mostly use teak from villages are shown in blue, while enterprises using teak from state plantations are coloured green. Yellow and red colours represent enterprises processing species other than teak.

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  • Question answering research has only recently started to spread from short factoid questions to more complex ones. One significant challenge is the evaluation: manual evaluation is a difficult, time-consuming process and not applicable within efficient development of systems. Automatic evaluation requires a corpus of questions and answers, a definition of what is a correct answer, and a way to compare the correct answers to automatic answers produced by a system.

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  • In this paper, we describe a method for automatic acquisition of script knowledge from a Japanese text collection. Script knowledge represents a typical sequence of actions that occur in a particular situation. We extracted sequences (pairs) of actions occurring in time order from a Japanese text collection and then chose those that were typical of certain situations by ranking these sequences (pairs) in terms of the frequency of their occurrence.

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