Commons dilemma

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  • Consumer decision-making is defined as the behaviour patterns of consumers that precede, determine and follow the decision making process for the acquisition of need satisfying products, ideas or services (Du Plessis & Rousseau, 1999). During the consumer decision-making process, not only do consumers make decisions regarding which brand options to choose but they also decide what quantity of the good to purchase.

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  • P a r t Tw o THE SCIENCE OF ECOLOGY In his essay “Must We Shoot Deer to Save Nature?” conservation biologist Jared Diamond poses a difficult but common dilemma by relating the story of Fontenelle Forest, a 1,300-acre nature reserve near Omaha, Nebraska.

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  • FOR ADVERTISERS AND TECHNOLOGY PUBLISHERS Marketers and publishers face a common dilemma: where to place content or advertisements and what will be of most interest to the readers? With the IDG TechNetwork, marketers and publishers have the answer. The IDG TechNetwork represents high-quality independent publishers to well-known technology marketers who trust IDG to place advertisements in appropriate sites. In return, publishers receive a share of the revenue and gain valuable member benefits to help them grow their businesses.

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  • began writing my very first book in September 1972. It dealt with computer concepts and was meant as a high school math textbook to teach programming. It used APL, which stands for A Programming Language, a highly scientific language for the computer. At the time, a few publishing companies expressed interest in the book but as the days passed, they declined in getting the book on the market. I wasn’t completely discouraged. Their excuse was that there were enough of these types of books out there and I accepted that.

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  • Endometriosis is a common gynaecological condition that sometimes presents to general surgeons as a lump in the abdomen. It can pose a diagnostic dilemma and should be in the differential diagnosis of lumps in the abdomen in females. Diagnosis is usually made on histology. We discuss a case of recurrent abdominal wall endometriosis following caesarian section. The incidence, pathophysiology, course, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this condition are also reviewed.

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  • In these two issues of the Primary Care Clinics of North America, we are pleased to offer you Evidence-Based Approaches to Common Primary Care Dilemmas. During the past decade, evidence-based medicine (EBM) has had a major impact on health care and the way we practice medicine in the office. As the focus of medical research has evolved from disease-based outcomes to the important, patient-oriented outcomes of mortality and quality of life, we are beginning to have answers that change the way we practice.

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