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  • The enlargement of the European Community (EC) and later the European Union (EU) was never particularly popular.2 Indeed, the first attempt at widening the EU culminated in the Community’s “first real crisis” when Charles de Gaulle, then-President of France, rejected the British accession in a dramatic press conference at the E´ lyse´e Palace (Nicholson and East 1987, 39). He claimed that Britain’s conditions for joining the Union were unacceptable to France.

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  • FORTY YEARS AFTER Van Gend en Loos and Costa v ENEL, it has become a truism to say that ‘every national court in the European Community is now a Community law court’.1 ‘Juges communautaires de droit commun, (..), ils sont les juges des litiges qui naissent de l’insertion de droit communautaire dans les ordres juridiques nationaux’.2 To put it in the words of the Court of First Instance, ‘when applying [Community law], the national courts are acting as Community courts of general jurisdiction’.

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  • This paper deals with multilingual database generation from parallel corpora. The idea is to contribute to the enrichment of lexical databases for languages with few linguistic resources. Our approach is endogenous: it relies on the raw texts only, it does not require external linguistic resources such as stemmers or taggers. The system produces alignments for the 20 European languages of the ‘Acquis Communautaire’ Corpus.

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