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  • Based on our collective J2EE platform experience, we have assembled the pattern catalog in this book. The J2EE Pattern Catalog describes various best practices related to architecting and designing applications for the J2EE platform. This book focuses on the following four J2EE technologies: Servlets, JSP, EJB components, and JMS

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  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a managed, server-side component architecture for modular construction of enterprise applications. The EJB specification is one of several Java APIs in the Java EE specification. EJB is a server-side model that encapsulates the business logic of an application.The EJB specification intends to provide a standard way to implement the back-end 'business' code typically found in enterprise applications (as opposed to 'front-end' interface code).

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  • This manual describes Oracle XML DB, and how it stores, generates, manipulates, manages, and queries XML in the database using Oracle XML DB. After introducing you to the heart of Oracle XML DB, namely the XMLType framework and Oracle XML DB repository, the manual provides a brief introduction to design criteria to consider when planning your Oracle XML DB application. It provides examples of how and where you can use Oracle XML DB.

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  • PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository, and is a framework and distribution system for reusable, high-quality PHP components, available in the form of "packages". The home of PEAR is, from where you can download and browse this extensive range of powerful packages. For most things that you would want to use in your day-to-day development work, you will likely find a PEAR class or package that meets your needs.

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  • When I wrote the first book on Facebook’s APIs in 2008, the platform suffered from a lot of the growing pains many nascent technologies do. There was a distinct lack of documentation, the APIs were changing on an almost weekly basis, and many of the APIs seemed to grow organically, and independently of one another. Facebook had been growing astronomically for several years, and with the launch of their API platform, were positioning themselves to expand their user base even further with over 845 million monthly visitors today.

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  • OS components such as the kernel, networking, graphics support, file system and multimedia are the same on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Hardware manufacturers work with the same driver model on both platforms

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  • Ready to put your ActionScript 3 skills to work on iPhone and iPad apps? This hands-on book walks you through the process of creating an Adobe AIR application for iOS devices from start to finish, using the Flex 4.5 framework. Move quickly from a basic Hello World application to complex interactions with iOS APIs, and get complete code examples for working with device components—including the accelerometer, GPS, camera, gallery, and multitouch display.

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  • Enterprises have websites constructed in different web frameworks and the need for them to work together cohesively. GateIn will provide the solution to effectively integrate them into a single website. GateIn is an open source website framework that does more than a web framework by letting you use your preferred one. This GateIn Cookbook provides solutions whether you're planning to develop a new GateIn portal, migrate a portal, or only need to answer a specific query. It is filled with bite-sized recipes for quick and easy problem resolution.

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  • The Java standard APIs are shown in HTML output at It’s generated from the documentation comments (doc comments). Documentation comments are special comments in the source code that are delimited by the /** ... */ delimiters. The JDK contains a tool named javadoc to generate HTML documentation from documentation comments in your source file. The javadoc utility extracts information for the following items Public classes and interfaces Public and protected methods Public and protected fields Packages...

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  • Understanding the value propositions of J2EE Getting a big picture of J2EE architecture and platform Getting high-level exposure of APIs and Technologies that constitute J2EE You don't have to understand all the details Understanding why J2EE can be used for as a platform for development and deployment of web services

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  • There are a few large groups in ME that have been specializing in the automotive industry and deliver key components that are crucial for the performance of transport equipment. The market segment is characterized by large contracts, volume production and tough price competition. The majority of output consists of capital goods dedicated for investment in a broad range of industries. There are subsectors of ME that provide capital goods for specific client industries such as the textile, commercial paper, pulp and paper, construction and mining and agricultural industry.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 12 - GUI Basic's Objectives is to distinguish simple GUI components; describe the Java GUI API hierarchy; create user interfaces using frames, panels, and simple UI components; understand the role of layout managers.

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  • Một lập trình viên có thể phát triển ứng dụng dùng các thành phần (component) có sẵn trong Visual Basic. Các chương trình bằng Visual Basic cũng có thể sử dụng Windows API, nhưng làm vậy thì phải sử dụng các khai báo hàm bên ngoài. Trong lĩnh vực lập trình thương mại, Visual Basic có một trong những nhóm khách hàng lớn nhất. Theo một số nguồn, vào năm 2003, 52% của những lập trình viên sử dụng Visual Basic, làm nó thành ngôn ngữ lập trình phổ biến nhất vào lúc đó.

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  • COM (Component Object Model) là một cách thức để viết các thành phần phần mềm (Software componet) cung cấp các chức năng phục vụ cho các ứng dụng, các thành phần khác. Viết một thành phần COM cũng như viết một hàm API động, hướng đối tượng. Các thành phần COM có thể được nối kết với các ứng dụng cũng như các thành phần COM khác.

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  • The vibrant and rich Android development platform, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, continues to be a platform in its truest sense, encompassing hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java classes and open source components that ship with the software development kit. Android's continued growth includes support for Flash and Flash gaming apps, Wi-Fi tethering, improved performance, WebM or WebMedia integration for HTML5-based video and other multimedia APIs, Chrome OS (WebOS) integration, and more.

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  • Một lập trình viên có thể phát triển ứng dụng dùng các thành phần (component) có sẵn trong Visual Basic. Các chương trình bằng Visual Basic cũng có thể sử dụng Windows API, nhưng làm vậy thì phải sử dụng các khai báo hàm bên ngoài.

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  • Fully updated for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 5.0, the third edition of this praised book is a one-stop resource for serious Java developers. This book shows you the parts of Java Swing API that you will use daily to create graphical user interfaces (GUI). You will also learn about the Model-View-Controller architecture that lies behind all Swing components, and about customizing components for specific environments.

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  • Before you learn about anything in .NET, you should undertand how’s its structure. This chapter takes a brief look at Microsoft .NET and the Microsoft .NET Platform. It then describes the .NET Framework design goals and introduces you to the components of the .NET Framework Microsoft announced the .NET intitiative in July 2000 The .

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  • Before looking at the steps necessary to build the preceding application, I should cover what the term .NET means and what it offers to a software developer. .NET is an infrastructure that provides two major benefits: productivity and security. Using .NET, a developer can write code for many modern problem domains faster, and during coding, the developer faces fewer pitfalls that could end up in security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, .NET code can be implemented so that it can be executed with restricted access to APIs.

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  • Enterprise Java Bean là các thành phần công nghệ phía máy chủ dùng để đóng gói lớp logic nghiệp vụ (business logic) và hổ trợ mạnh việc thực hiện các giao tác và bảo mật. Enterprise Java Bean cũng có một tích hợp một ngăn xếp cho messaging, scheduling, remote access, web service endpoints (SOAP and REST), dependency injection, component life cycle,..vv.

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