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  • Maximum Security, provides updated, comprehensive, platform-by-platform coverage of security issues, and includes clear, to the point descriptions of the most common techniques hackers use to penetrate systems. This book provides information for security administrators and others interested in computer and network security and provides them with techniques to take steps to protect their systems.

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  • The exercises are a vital part of the TOEFL preparation process presented in this lexi. Maximum benefit can be obtained from the exercises if the students are properly prepared for the exercises and if the exercises are carefully reviewed after completion.

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  • The exercises are a vital part of the TOEFL preparation process presented in this text Maximum benefit can be obtained from the exercises if the students are properly prepared for the exercises and if the exercises are carefully reviewed after completion.

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  • Now more than ever, it is imperative that users be able to protect their system from hackers trashing their Web sites or stealing information. Written by a reformed hacker, this comprehensive resource identifies security holes in common computer and network systems, allowing system administrators to discover faults inherent within their network- and work toward a solution to those problems.

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  • This is a magazine which discuss about persional computer software, hardware.PCWorld is a global computer magazine published monthly by IDG.[2] It offers advice on various aspects of PCs and related items, the Internet, and other personal-technology products and services. In each publication, PCWorld reviews and tests...

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  • We describe a new loss function, due to Jeon and Lin (2006), for estimating structured log-linear models on arbitrary features. The loss function can be seen as a (generative) alternative to maximum likelihood estimation with an interesting information-theoretic interpretation, and it is statistically consistent. It is substantially faster than maximum (conditional) likelihood estimation of conditional random fields (Lafferty et al., 2001; an order of magnitude or more).

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  • Near Los Angeles Basin, California THERE. Devin raised his right arm and focused directly over his wrist. It took less than a millisecond to calculate the trajectory—he didn’t have a built-in computer, but his 220 IQ served him well. He slowly breathed in and out, getting ready to squeeze the trigger between breaths, between heartbeats. His sensitive nose wrinkled as the ever-present smog that hovered over the Los Angeles Basin filled his lungs.

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  • Maximum entropy framework proved to be expressive and powerful for the statistical language modelling, but it suffers from the computational expensiveness of the model building. The iterative scaling algorithm that is used for the parameter estimation is computationally expensive while the feature selection process might require to estimate parameters for many candidate features many times.

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  • In this lecture, we formulate the problem of linear prediction using probabilities. We also introduce the maximum likelihood estimate and show that it coincides with the least squares estimate. The goal of the lecture is for you to learn: Gaussian distributions, how to formulate the likelihood for linear regression, computing the maximum likelihood estimates for linear regression, entropy and its relation to loss, probability and learning.

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  • We propose an automatic machine translation (MT) evaluation metric that calculates a similarity score (based on precision and recall) of a pair of sentences. Unlike most metrics, we compute a similarity score between items across the two sentences. We then find a maximum weight matching between the items such that each item in one sentence is mapped to at most one item in the other sentence.

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  • We present an approach to grammar development where the task is decomposed into two separate subtasks. The first task is hnguistic, with the goal of producing a set of rules that have a large coverage (in the sense that the correct parse is among the proposed parses) on a bhnd test set of sentences. The second task is statistical, with the goal of developing a model of the grammar which assigns maximum probability for the correct parse.

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  • For the coastal zones of Vietnam, the storm and monsoon waves are considered as the maximum waves for the designed of the marine constructions as sea dyke and other constructions in the coast and in the marine areas. The most challenges are to choose the appropriate storm wave model, to formulate the wind input data set and especially to find the wave data in such utmost dangerous sea state for model validation and for analyzing the forecast results.

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  •  Một số người nhận thấy rằng tác vụ truyền file trên Internet khá chậm, thường chỉ trong khoảng  900 ­1800 ký tự (character), ngay cả với modem 56K. Nguyên nhân có thể liên quan đến một  thông số của Win95/98 gọi là Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU). Hãy nhìn vào mục "Bytes  received/sec" trong System Monitor và so sánh thông số đó với thông số mà trình duyệt Web của  bạn thông báo.

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  • Bài Kiểm Tra giữa kì lớp PM11 Thời gian 90 phút 1 - Thiết lập vùng nhớ ảo cho máy tính như sau: Thiết lập trên D:Initial size(MB): 1024MB, Maximum sizze(MB):1024MB Start/setting/control panel/ System/chọn TAB

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  • ME-430 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN TORSIONAL ANALYSIS Using Pro/MECHANICA Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 Dr. Herli Surjanhata The U-Joint shown in the figure below is made of steel. A torsion load of 10,000 INLB is uniformly applied over the top portion surface of the U-Joint. Determine the von Mises stresses, and maximum deflection under the given torsion load and boundary conditions. Check the convergence of your analysis. Step 1: Using Pro/ENGINEER, create a base feature as shown in the Figure below. It is done by extruding both sides the section shown with 2 inches blind depth.

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  • SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management technology, and has been in use under various product names for more than five years. Despite its longevity, many computer users are unaware of its existence and fewer still understand how the technology simplifies the network environment for end-users. But every organization that generates content can benefit from using SharePoint. Some smaller organizations will require only WSS 3.0, but most organizations will get maximum benefit by implementing MOSS 2007. Some examples of how existing organizations are using SharePoint include:...

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  • While there are many books on learning PHP and developing small applications with it, there is a serious lack of information on scaling PHP for large-scale, business-critical systems. Schlossnagle’s Advanced PHP Programming fills that void, demonstrating that PHP is ready for enterprise Web applications by showing the reader how to develop PHP-based applications for maximum performance, stability, and extensibility.

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  • When an interface on a router cannot transmit a packet immediately, the packet is queued, either in an interface Tx ring, or the interface output hold queue, depending on the switching path used. Packets are then taken out of the queue and eventually transmitted on the interface. If the arrival rate of packets to the output interface exceeds the router’s capability to buffer and forward traffic, the queues increase to their maximum length and the interface becomes congested. Tail drop is the router’s default queuing response to congestion.

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  • This module introduces students to planning a search strategy, conducting searches, and creating and editing indexes for searching. After completing this module, students will be able to: Discuss the three search options in Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001, use the two Search Web Parts to perform simple and advanced searches, and apply various techniques for maximizing search results.

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  • The Campus-RS™ SDI (Serial Data Interfaces) are interface modules that install directly into a Campus-RS remote or Campus-RS Star concentrator and provide serial data connections to routers and other network devices. The SDI interface modules include a variety of standard physical interfaces, including RS-232C, RS-449, RS-530, RS-530A, V.35, and X.21 which can be configured to operate at n x 56/64 kbps rates up to a maximum of 4.608 Mbps.

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