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  • The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), defined in RFC 1771, allows you to create loop free interdomain routing between autonomous systems. An autonomous system is a set of routers under a single technical administration. Routers in an AS can use multiple interior gateway protocols to exchange routing information inside the AS and an exterior gateway protocol to route packets outside the AS.

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  • ATM adaptation layer. Service-dependent sublayer of the data link layer. The AAL accepts data from different applications and ...

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  • ATM adaptation layer 5. One of four AALs recommended by the ITU-T. AAL5 supports connection-oriented, VBR services, and ...

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  • With the rapid implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications throughout the world, the surface transportation system has become more complex and dependent on an extensive grid of roadways, computing devices, and wireless and wired communication networks. Authors from several countries have contributed chapters that focus on different components of ITS and their applications.

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  • This is the first field study in which we analyzed the effect of computer power state on monitor power state. Only 6% of desktop computers in this study of commercial buildings were found in low power, and only 53% of those that were on successfully initiated power management in monitors. Computers in homes (where fewer are networked) may have higher enabling rates, but we have no data from residences. Clearly there is significant room for improvement in power management of computers, and more data are needed...

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