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  • Organized for maximum efficiency: describes actual commands and options in the sequence they should be used Helps network pros eliminate time-consuming documentation searches Extensive updates: IPv6, MPLS, AutoQoS, SIP, MGCP, voice troubleshooting, VPNs, security, and more "At-a-glance" illustrations offer fast answers and easy double-checking

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  • This handbook is compiled from numerous Windows Media Center tutorials written on Changes to system protected files are required to accomplish the entirety of the guide and should be approached cautiously. I strongly recommend you backup any system files you intend on changing to a "backup" folder for later restoration. Throughout this handbook, I'll refer to methods used for .avi movie files. Where amendments to the guide are needed for other movie files, this icon will be displayed...

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  • This book was written/compiled by The Hackers Layer Team as a document for the modern hacker. We chose to call it the Hackers Layer Handbook because it mostly deals with Networking Technologies and Windows95/ NT issues. Which, as everyone knows, is a must knowledge these days. Well, The Hackers Layer, is the premiere Hacking/Cracking source, we have continually given to the H/P/V/A/C community freely. We continue this tradition now with this extremely useful book.

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  • A centrifugal pump is a rotating machine in which flow and pressure are generated dynamically. The inlet is not walled off from the outlet as is the case with positive dis- placement pumps,whether they are reciprocating or rotary in configuration. Rather, a cen- trifugal pump delivers useful energy to the fluid or “pumpage” largely through velocity changes that occur as this fluid flows through the impeller and the associated fixed pas- sageways of the pump; that is, it is a “rotodynamic” pump.

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  • Creating Databases Oracle Databases can be created either using the Database Configuration Assistant or a CREATE DATABASE statement. Using the DBCA is easier. Creating the database manually requires careful planning. Additional actions such as creating new users, tablespaces and data dictionary tables have to be performed in case the database is created manually. To create the database: Make sure that there is sufficient memory and disk space. Specify Oracle SID. $ ORACLE_SID = slx_db01; EXPORT ORACLE_SID; Create initialization parameter file by copying sample parameter file init.ora.

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  • Since its introduction in 1982 with the TMS32010 processor, the TMS320 family of DSPs has been exceedingly popular. Different members of this family were introduced to address the existing needs for real-time processing, but then, designers capitalized on the features of the devices to create solutions and products in ways never imagined before. In turn, these innovations fed the architectural and hardware configurations of newer generations of devices.

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  • A Liqui-Mover pump is a positive displacement pressure powered pump with a minimum of moving parts. The pumping action is accomplished using a positive pressure to push the liquid from the pump tank into the return line. The Liqui-Mover pump can handle high temperature and high pressure condensate without difficulty. Liqui-Mover pumps are available in nine sizes. They are available in many configurations, from individual components that are field assembled to complete packaged systems ready for connection to field piping.

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  • 57.1.5 Gas Turbine Operation Like other internal combustion engines, the gas turbine requires an outside source of starting power. This is provided by an electrical motor or diesel engine connected through a gear box to the shaft of the gas turbine (the high-pressure shaft in a multishaft configuration). Other devices can be used, including the generator of large electric utility gas turbines, by using a variable frequency power supply.

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  • CHAPTER 57 GAS TURBINES Harold Miller GE Power Systems Schenectady, New York 57.1 INTRODUCTION 57.1.1 Basic Operating Principles 57. 1.2 A Brief History of Gas Turbine Development and Use 57.1.3 Components, Characteristics and Capabilities 57.1.4 Controls and Accessories 57.1.5 Gas Turbine Operation GAS TURBINE PERFORMANCE 57.2.1 Gas Turbine Configurations and Cycle Characteristics 57.2.2 Trends in Gas Turbine Design and Performance 1723 1723 57.3 1727 1728 1737 1740 57.4 1740 1740 1747 APPLICATIONS 1749 57.3.1 Use of Exhaust Heat in Industrial Gas Turbines 1749 57.3.

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  • Increased Reliability, Availability, and Scalability Reliability, availability, and scalability are important parameters of network operating systems. An operating system should be able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the administrator should not be required to perform a reboot after every configuration change; in addition, the operating system should be able to correct itself when problems occur. Finally, an operating system should be able to grow in order to meet the demands of expanding businesses.

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  • CHAPTER 4 3 HEAT TRANSFER FUNDAMENTALS G. P. "Bud" Peterson Executive Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor of Engineering Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 43.1 SYMBOLS AND UNITS 1 6 3 7 1400 43.2 CONDUCTION HEAT TRANSFER 1 6 3 9 43.4 RADIATION HEAT TRANSFER 1 0 4 0 43.2.1 Thermal Conductivity 1 7 3 0 43.4.1 Black-Body Radiation 1 0 4 0 43.2.2 One-Dimensional Steady43.4.2 Radiation Properties 1 0 4 4 State Heat Conduction 1375 43.4.3 Configuration Factor 1 0 4 7 43.2.3 Two-Dimensional Steady43 A A Radiative Exchange State Heat Conduction 1377 among Diffuse-Gray 43.2.

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  • SELECTEDMEASURING-SYSTEM COMPONENTS AND EXAMPLES 3.7.1 Operational Amplifiers Operational amplifiers [3.8] used in measuring systems have the basic configuration shown in Fig. 3.24. The operational amplifier is composed of a high-gain voltage amplifier coupled with both input and feedback impedances.

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  • Tensegrity structures are built of bars and strings attached to the ends of the bars. The bars can resist compressive force and the strings cannot. Most bar–string configurations which one might conceive are not in equilibrium, and if actually constructed will collapse to a different shape. Only bar–string configurations in a stable equilibrium will be called tensegrity structures .

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  • Many exciting impacts on our daily life are shortly anticipated due to recent advances in wireless communication networks that enable real-time multimedia services to be provided via mobile broadband Internet on a wide variety of terminal devices. The trend is mainly driven by the evolution of wireless networks and advanced wireless information and communication technology (ICT).

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  • Adaptive filtering is useful in any application where the signals or the modeled system vary over time. The configuration of the system and, in particular, the position where the adaptive processor is placed generate different areas or application fields such as: prediction, system identification and modeling, equalization (deconvolution, reverse filtering, inverse modeling), cancellation of interference, etc. which are very important in many disciplines such as control systems, communications, signal processing, acoustics, voice, sound and image, etc....

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  • For many years I have been a consultant for different companies and have written books on switch and router configurations and troubleshooting. During my years as a consultant I have had to either install, administer, or troubleshoot switching problems and configurations for switches without a good handbook. I have constantly gone through bookstores looking for a book on Cisco switch troubleshooting and configurations that didn’t deal with a Cisco curriculum. Guess what? I couldn’t find one!

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  • A classic O'Reilly title since 1993, sendmail now covers Versions 8.10 through 8.14 of this email routing program, including dozens of new features, options, and macros. This edition also takes a more nuts-and-bolts approach than its predecessors. It includes both an administration handbook and a reference guide that provide you with clear options for installing, configuring and managing sendmail's latest versions and companion programs.

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