Conformal capacity

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  • The book before the reader is devoted to an exposition of results of investigations carried out mainly over the last 10-15 years concerning certain questions in the theory of quasiconformal mappings. The principal objects of investigation-mappings with bounded distortion- are a kind of n-space analogue of holomorphic functions. As is known, every holomorphic function is characterized geometrically by the fact that the niapping of a planar domain it implements is conformal. In the n-space case the condition of conformality singles out a very narrow class of mappings.

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  • Lars Ahlfors often spoke of his excitement as a young student listening to Rolf Nevanlinna's lectures on the new theory of meromorphic functions. It was, as he writes in his collected papers, his "first exposure to live mathematics." In his enormously influential research papers and in his equally influential books, Ahlfors shared with the reader, both professional and student, that excitement. The present volume derives from lectures given at Harvard over many years, and the topics would now be considered quite classical.

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  • The recent financial crisis exposed a number of weaknesses in the housing finance sector in the United States (U.S.). The resulting problems can be sourced to incentives guiding decisions in the funding and loan management chains, to incentives driving households’ repayment and default decisions under the personal bankruptcy framework, and to incentives for loan servicers and investors to choose foreclosure over loan modification.

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  • Human serum albumin (HSA) is best known for its extraordinary ligand binding capacity. HSA has a high affinity for heme and is responsible for the transport of medium and long chain fatty acids. Here, we report myri-state binding to the N and B conformational states of Mn(III)heme–HSA (i.e. at pH 7.0 and 10.0, respectively) as investigated by optical absorbance and NMR spectroscopy. At pH 7.0, Mn(III)heme binds to HSA with lower affinity than Fe(III)heme, and displays a water molecule coordinated to the metal....

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