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  • We reformulate a conjecture of Deligne on 1-motives by using the integral weight filtration of Gillet and Soul´ on cohomology, and prove it. This implies e the original conjecture up to isogeny. If the degree of cohomology is at most two, we can prove the conjecture for the Hodge realization without isogeny, and even for 1-motives with torsion. j Let X be a complex algebraic variety. We denote by H(1) (X, Z) the maximal mixed Hodge structure of type {(0, 0), (0, 1), (1, 0), (1, 1)} contained in j j H j (X, Z). Let H(1) (X, Z)fr...

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  • This paper should be regarded as a sequel to [7]. There it was shown that the geometric Langlands conjecture for GLn follows from a certain vanishing conjecture. The goal of the present paper is to prove this vanishing conjecture. Let X be a smooth projective curve over a ground field k. Let E be an m-dimensional local system on X, and let Bunm be the moduli stack of rank m vector bundles on X.

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  • We give a proof of the Nirenberg-Treves conjecture: that local solvability of principal-type pseudo-differential operators is equivalent to condition (Ψ). This condition rules out sign changes from − to + of the imaginary part of the principal symbol along the oriented bicharacteristics of the real part. We obtain local solvability by proving a localizable a priori estimate for the adjoint operator with a loss of two derivatives (compared with the elliptic case).

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  • We classify the measures on SL(k, R)/ SL(k, Z) which are invariant and ergodic under the action of the group A of positive diagonal matrices with positive entropy. We apply this to prove that the set of exceptions to Littlewood’s conjecture has Hausdorff dimension zero. 1. Introduction 1.1. Number theory and dynamics. There is a long and rich tradition of applying dynamical methods to number theory.

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  • D. Mumford conjectured in [33] that the rational cohomology of the stable moduli space of Riemann surfaces is a polynomial algebra generated by certain classes κi of dimension 2i. For the purpose of calculating rational cohomology, one may replace the stable moduli space of Riemann surfaces by BΓ∞ , where Γ∞ is the group of isotopy classes of automorphisms of a smooth oriented connected surface of “large” genus.

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  • To any two graphs G and H one can associate a cell complex Hom (G, H) by taking all graph multihomomorphisms from G to H as cells. In this paper we prove the Lov´sz conjecture which states that a if Hom (C2r+1 , G) is k-connected, then χ(G) ≥ k + 4, where r, k ∈ Z, r ≥ 1, k ≥ −1, and C2r+1 denotes the cycle with 2r +1 vertices. The proof requires analysis of the complexes Hom (C2r+1 , Kn ). For even n, the obstructions to graph colorings are provided by the presence of torsion...

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  • In this paper we will prove the Calabi-Yau conjectures for embedded surfaces (i.e., surfaces without self-intersection). In fact, we will prove considerably more. The heart of our argument is very general and should apply to a variety of situations, as will be more apparent once we describe the main steps of the proof later in the introduction.

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  • We prove an old conjecture of Erd˝s and Graham on sums of unit fractions: o There exists a constant b 0 such that if we r-color the integers in [2, br ], then there exists a monochromatic set S such that n∈S 1/n = 1. 1. Introduction We will prove a result on unit fractions which has the following corollary. Corollary. There exists a constant b so that for every partition of the integers in [2, br ] into r classes, there is always one class containing a subset S with the property n∈S 1/n = 1....

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  • We prove the strong Macdonald conjecture of Hanlon and Feigin for reductive groups G. In a geometric reformulation, we show that the Dolbeault cohomology H q (X; Ωp ) of the loop Grassmannian X is freely generated by de Rham’s forms on the disk coupled to the indecomposables of H • (BG). Equating the two Euler characteristics gives an identity, independently known to Macdonald [M], which generalises Ramanujan’s 1 ψ1 sum. For simply laced root systems at level 1, we also find a ‘strong form’ of Bailey’s 4 ψ4 sum. ...

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  • A long-standing conjecture due to Michael Freedman asserts that the 4-dimensional topological surgery conjecture fails for non-abelian free groups, or equivalently that a family of canonical examples of links (the generalized Borromean rings) are not A − B slice. A stronger version of the conjecture, that the Borromean rings are not even weakly A − B slice, where one drops the equivariant aspect of the problem, has been the main focus in the search for an obstruction to surgery.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học về toán học trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Proof of the Razumov–Stroganov conjecture for some infinite families of link patterns...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article On a Conjecture for a Higher-Order Rational Difference Equation

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  • In 1961, Baker, Gammel and Wills conjectured that for functions f meromorphic in the unit ball, a subsequence of its diagonal Pad´ approximants e converges uniformly in compact subsets of the ball omitting poles of f . There is also apparently a cruder version of the conjecture due to Pad´ himself, going e back to the early twentieth century. We show here that for carefully chosen q on the unit circle, the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction 1+ qz| q 2 z| q 3 z| + + + ··· |1 |1 |1 provides a counterexample to the conjecture. We also highlight some...

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  • We introduce a class of metric spaces which we call “bolic”. They include hyperbolic spaces, simply connected complete manifolds of nonpositive curvature, euclidean buildings, etc. We prove the Novikov conjecture on higher signatures for any discrete group which admits a proper isometric action on a “bolic”, weakly geodesic metric space of bounded geometry. 1. Introduction This work has grown out of an attempt to give a purely KK-theoretic proof of a result of A. Connes and H. Moscovici ([CM], [CGM]) that hyperbolic groups satisfy the Novikov conjecture. ...

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  • Let G = GLn (K) where K is either R or C and let P = Pn (K) be the subgroup of matrices in GLn (K) consisting of matrices whose last row is (0, 0, . . . , 0, 1). Let π be an irreducible unitary representation of G. Gelfand and Neumark [Gel-Neu] proved that if K = C and π is in the Gelfand-Neumark series of irreducible unitary representations of G then the restriction of π to P remains irreducible. Kirillov [Kir] conjectured that this should be true for all irreducible unitary representations π of GLn...

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  • We prove the ionization conjecture within the Hartree-Fock theory of atoms. More precisely, we prove that, if the nuclear charge is allowed to tend to infinity, the maximal negative ionization charge and the ionization energy of atoms nevertheless remain bounded. Moreover, we show that in Hartree-Fock theory the radius of an atom (properly defined) is bounded independently of its nuclear charge. Contents 1. Introduction and main results 2. Notational conventions and basic prerequisites 3. Hartree-Fock theory 4. Thomas-Fermi theory ...

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  • We construct a proper C 2 -smooth function on R4 such that its Hamiltonian flow has no periodic orbits on at least one regular level set. This result can be viewed as a C 2 -smooth counterexample to the Hamiltonian Seifert conjecture in dimension four. 1. Introduction The “Hamiltonian Seifert conjecture” is the question whether or not there exists a proper function on R2n whose Hamiltonian flow has no periodic orbits on at least one regular level set.

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  • At a prime of ordinary reduction, the Iwasawa “main conjecture” for elliptic curves relates a Selmer group to a p-adic L-function. In the supersingular case, the statement of the main conjecture is more complicated as neither the Selmer group nor the p-adic L-function is well-behaved. Recently Kobayashi discovered an equivalent formulation of the main conjecture at supersingular primes that is similar in structure to the ordinary case. Namely, Kobayashi’s conjecture relates modified Selmer groups, which he defined, with modified padic L-functions defined by the first author.

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  • We prove that the existence of an automorphism of finite order on a Q-variety X implies the existence of algebraic linear relations between the logarithm of certain periods of X and the logarithm of special values of the Γ-function. This implies that a slight variation of results by Anderson, Colmez and Gross on the periods of CM abelian varieties is valid for a larger class of CM motives. In particular, we prove a weak form of the period conjecture of Gross-Deligne [11, p. 205]1 .

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  • This project would not have been possible without the generous support of many people. I would particularly like to thank Kerri Smith, Sam Ferguson, Sean McLaughlin, Jeff Lagarias, Gabor Fejes T´oth, Robert MacPherson, and the referees for their support of this project. A more comprehensive list of those who contributed to this project in various ways appears in [Hal06b].

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