Conscious sedation

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  • The aim of this chapter is to introduce the reader to the nature and development of dental anxiety and to provide an understanding of how and why patients behave in the way they do. This forms the basis for the practice of conscious sedation in the management of dental anxiety. The latter part of the chapter explains the development of conscious sedation, the accepted definition and the current guidelines relating to the practice of the technique in dental practice.

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  • Most students need a textbook that will provide all the basic facts within a discipline and that also facilitates understanding of the subject. This textbook achieves these objectives and also provides test questions for the student to explore their level of knowledge. It is also important for students to achieve a 'feel for the subject' and learn communication skills. The book is designed to provide basic information necessary to pass an undergraduate examination in restorative, paediatric and orthodontic dentistry.

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  • This supplement is based on papers presented at the Second International Conference of the Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University, October 2–4, 2001. The conference provided an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss new developments in the field of dentistry, especially the latest trends in the evidence-based approach to dental care. As the former President of Kuwait University, Professor Faiza M.

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  • A pregnant woman is considered to always have a “full stomach” due to delayed gastric emptying and incompetent lower esophageal sphincter. Thus, pregnant women are at increased risk for aspiration (13;14). Therefore, prophylactic measures to prevent aspiration should be used, particularly during the third trimester. A woman with multiple gestation is at increased risk for aspiration in the mid-second trimester because of the large uterus. Maintaining a semi-seated position and avoiding excessive sedation are required to prevent aspiration.

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