Consumer installment loans

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  • The immediate objective of social funds was to cushion the impacts of adjustment policies on the poorest, not to attack the structural causes of poverty. Although many experts stated that liberalization and global- ization policies would benefit the poorest sectors, what has been con- firmed is that the structural causes of poverty cannot be modified in the short or medium term only by expanding economies.

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  • When a consumer applies for non-mortgage credit, such as a credit card, unsecured line of credit, or installment loan (e.g. for an automobile, or furniture), the potential creditor (data user) can request a credit report (with or without a credit score) from one, two, or three of the credit repositories. A repository that receives such a request will send the credit report to the potential creditor, and record an inquiry on the consumer’ s credit report. The creditor can use the information in the credit report to help decide whether to extend or deny credit to the consumer,...

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  • There are about eight to 16 million people with low and moderate incomes and poor credit who earn below $40,000 a year who are subjected to the sub prime lending market. The Federal Reserve reports that those earning $30,000 or less per year, such as Jesus, paid an annual interest rate that was 56.1 percent higher than people earning $90,000 a year . In addition, most buy here/pay here lots do not report payment history to the credit reporting agencies, which prevents consumers from strength- ening their credit history through steady repayment of their car loan. ...

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