Contingent liabilities

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  • Best Electronics operates a retail electronics company. Examine the following items and prepare the current liability section of the company’s December 31, 20X8, balance sheet. The beginning of year accounts payable was $150,000. Purchases on trade accounts during the year were $975,000, and payments on account were $915,000.

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  • On October 1, 20X4, River Woods purchased land by giving $200,000 in cash and executing a $800,000 note payable to the former owner. The note bears interest at 8% per annum, with interest being payable annually on September 30 of each year. Rojas is also required to make a $200,000 payment toward the note’s principal on every September 30. a) Prepare the appropriate journal entry to record the land purchase on October 1, 20X4. b) Prepare the appropriate journal entry to record the year-end interest accrual on December 31, 20X4. c) Prepare...

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  • Prepare journal entries to record each of the following independent stock issue situations. a) Max Graphics Corporation issued 500,000 shares of $0.50 par value common stock. The issue price was $18 per share. b) Aztec Corporation issued 35,000 shares of no par common stock for $25 per share. c) Pyramid Play issued 60,000 shares of $50 par value preferred stock. The issue price was $76 per share. d) Paradise Land Management issued 15,000 shares of $1 par value common stock for land with a fair value of $250,000....

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  • Chapter 9 - Reporting and interpreting liabilities. After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Define, measure, and report current liabilities; use the quick ratio; analyze the accounts payable turnover ratio; report notes payable and explain the time value of money; report contingent liabilities; explain the importance of working capital and its impact on cash flows; report long-term liabilities; compute present values; apply present value concepts to liabilities.

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  • This version includes amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 17 January 2008. IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in September 1998. It replaced parts of IAS 10 Contingencies and Events Occurring After the Balance Sheet Date (issued in 1978 and reformatted in 1994) that dealt with contingencies.

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  • The emergence of the derivatives market has led to the creation of investment securities with complex cash flow profiles. Investment professionals, using derivatives, can customize a security’s structure to the investor’s risk/reward profile of choice. As a result, investors now have more investment choices. The increasing complexity of many of the securities, however, has complicated asset/liability risk measurement and management decisions.

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  • Retrospective premium adjustments – Some policies have their final premium determined based on the losses incurred under the contract. Such “retrospectively rated” policies result in an initial premium, followed by a series of adjustment premium entries based on the covered losses under the policy (subject to limitations such as minimums and maximums, etc.) These adjustments can sometimes continue for many years after the original policy term has expired.

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  • This paper analyzes junk bond defaults during 1980 to 1991 to determine which factors affect the length of time spent in default. Bondholder holdouts are not a significant problem, as firms with proportionately more bonds have shorter default spells. In contrast, bank debt is associated with slower restructurings. Bargaining problems arising from contingent liabilities, lawsuits, and size delay the process, although multiple bond classes do not. Neither information problems nor firm value appear to matter. HLTs do not resolve their defaults at a significantly faster pace.

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  • Suppliers from whom you purchase products and services for the operation ofyour business are also important members of your business team. Suppliers canplay a major role in your ultimate success or failure. Consequently, these relationships need to be carefully developed and managed. Decisions to select andwork with one supplier over another cannot be based solely on who offers thelowest price; you also have to factor many other influences, such as paymentterms, warranties and guarantees, and reliability. Remember, your supplier’s promises to you are your promises to your customers.

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  • Provisions are recognized by the Company for liabilities and losses which have been incurred as of the balance sheet date and for which the amount is uncertain but can be reasonably estimated. Additionally, the Company records provisions for losses which are expected to be incurred in the future but which relate to contingencies that exist as of the balance sheet date.

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