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  • The past decade has seen a vast upsurge in the importance attached to customer service from businesses operating in both the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) fields. This increased activity has paid major benefits to early adopters. Differentiation through service is rapidly becoming a vital addi- tion to any business process. Organisations that are at the fore- front are reaping benefits in terms of customer loyalty, customer retention and employee satisfaction. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'beginning excel services - wrox 2007', công nghệ thông tin, tin học văn phòng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Because larger firms are much more likely to be covered by collective bargaining contracts and works councils, a closely related issue concerns the independent role of firm size in providing wage insurance. As firm size is typically viewed as a good proxy for capital market access (e.g., Gertler and Gilchrist 1994), insurance contracts should be particularly apparent for individuals working at larger employers.

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  • Bonds will play a crucial role in financing the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. Investor interest in the asset class is growing, but what is the current investment opportunity already out there? This report, commissioned by the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence and prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative, presents a first estimate of the outstanding global bond market size linked to key climate change themes, and examines future drivers and trends in the short term.

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  • This study, the first to investigate workplace contamination in areas in Ghana where e-waste recycling and disposal is carried out, focussed on the main centre for this type of work, at the Agbogbloshie scrap market in Ghana’s capital, Accra. One of the numerous similar, though far smaller, operations that take place throughout Ghana was also investigated, at the location of a scrap dealer in Korforidua, a smaller city to the north of Accra. At these workshops, e-waste is recycled in a crude way, primarily involving manual disassembly and open burning to isolate copper from plastics.

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  • Achieving an adjustment range of 347 to 525mm is not feasible with normal gas strut mechanisms, since the starting dimension of 347mm requires a gas strut of relatively short stroke (100mm), because larger strokes would result in excessive collapsed heights. Gas struts with strokes of 120mm were most common in the chairs evaluated for the government contract, with starting heights averaging 413mm. However, it is reasonable for chair manufacturers to supply two height ranges which would together cover the range determined by anthropometric data.

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  • Lux discusses the spiritual nature of healing in Plains culture and how one Blackfoot woman, Last Calf, contracted tuberculosis and dreamt of a cure. She was instructed to boil pitch of the lodgepole pine and drink the brew. She was recorded as vomiting profusely until her chest was cleared. Last Calf’s remedy was widely used for tubercular cough. Lux also elaborates on the high social standing of Plains midwives and how they not only performed prenatal care, but also postnatal care for the woman and her child months after the baby was born.

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  • The study began in January 2010. Ethics approval for the conduct of the study was gained from the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) before the recruitment of student participants commenced. Final clearance from the UTS HREC was obtained at the end of March 2010 and 40 places were then reserved at the UTS IELTS Test Centre for the Academic module of the IELTS Test to be conducted on 10 July 2010. A research assistant was contracted in April, her first task being to recruit participants for the study.

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  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation Fixed Point Theory and Applications Volume 2011, Article ID 347204, 30 pages doi:10.

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  • Degenerative mitral valve (МV) disease is a common disorder affecting around 2% of the population (Enriquez-Sarano M et al., 2009). The most common ending in patients with degenerative valve disease is leaflet rolapsed due to elongation or rupture of the chordal apparatus, resulting in varying degrees of МV regurgitation due to leaflet malcoaptation during ventricular contraction.

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  • The retail sector spearheaded the evolution of Turkey’s commercial property market. Within a few years, domestic retailers expanded and consolidated to form regional and national chains. Cross-border retailers entered the market, benefiting from the country’s strong economic growth, limited legal barriers to entry and attracted by high growth potential.

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  • Businesses with regional offices may need to consider rotating service delivery from hard hit areas to influenza-free areas, or areas that have been declared to be in a post- pandemic period. Restrictions on movement of people from region to region may be imposed, and rotation of staff may therefore be difficult. Businesses with overseas offices, or which use services outsourced from overseas (e.g. call centres), may be disproportionately affected. Not all countries have the means to cope with a pandemic.

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  • You can see a typical procurement process on the centre pages of this guide. At each stage of the tendering procedure there are issues you should consider. We have explained some of these issues below. Some of the advice is obvious, however we have still included it in this guide because it is not always followed. The advertisement In most cases you will have found out about the contract in OJEU, at, on a ‘selling to’ website or from a trade journal.

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  • Last year the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) entered into a contract with NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) entitled Increasing capacity for regional fish feed manufacture in PNG which provided funds to purchase the feed manufacturing equipment involved and enable the Principal Investigators, Drs Geoff Allan and Mark Booth, to participate in the Workshop and provide training in aquaculture nutrition and aquafeed formulation using locally grown agricultural ingredients.

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