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  • The article focuses on the folowing issues: analyzing the typical syntax contexts of verbs of speech with the meaning of direct information, indicating the internal and external objects and the ways to show them in Russian and Vietnamese. The results collected through analysis are contributed in confirming the accuracy of the hypotheses about the objective existence of the internal and external objects of this verbal group in our communication and

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  • The contribution of VLEs to institutional knowledge management is considered. Knowledge management has received little attention in education, and a small scale, self-selecting sample online survey was used to identify the contribution of VLEs to this area.

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  • The concept of common issuance was first discussed by Member States in the late 1990s, when the Giovannini Group (which has advised the Commission on capital-market developments related to the euro) published a report presenting a range of possible options for co-ordinating the issuance of euro-area sovereign debt 3 . In September 2008, interest in common issuance was revived among market participants, when the European Primary Dealers Association (EPDA) published a discussion paper "A Common European Government Bond" 4 .

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  • Health care providers* tend to talk to patients about their disease rather than train them in the daily management* of their condition. Therapeutic patient education* is designed therefore to train patients in the skills* of self-managing or adapting treatment to their particular chronic disease*, and in coping* processes and skills*. It should also contribute to reducing the cost* of long-term care to patients and to society.

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  • ATP-NAD kinase phosphorylates NAD to produce NADP by using ATP, whereas ATP-NADH kinase phosphorylates both NAD and NADH. Three NAD kinase homologues, namely, ATP-NAD kinase (Utr1p), ATP-NADH kinase (Pos5p) and function-unknown Yel041wp (Yef1p), are found in the yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae. In this study, Yef1p was identified as an ATP-NADH kinase. The ATP-NADH kinase activity of Utr1p was also confirmed.

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  • This research contributes to the synthetic method of quinoline-4(1H)-one ring by Conrad-Limpach method with the use of vegetable oils as high boiling-point solvents, which are friendly-environmental, and not expensive friendlyenvironmental. The structures of different substituted 4(1H)-quinolin-4-ones have been confirmed by using spectroscopic methods (IR, 1H and 13C NMR).

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  • Extensive evidence confirms that creating the conditions for a deep and efficient financial system can contribute robustly to sustained economic growth and lower poverty (e.g., see Beck, Levine, and Loayza 2000, Honohan 2004a, and World Bank 2001a). Moreover, in all levels of development, continued efficient and effective provision of financial services requires that financial policies and financial system structures be adjusted as needed in response to financial innovations and shifts in the broader macroeconomic and institu- tional environment....

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  • For new information to be valuable it must, of course, actually be new information. If new cost estimation or accounting procedures simply confirm existing beliefs, they have little likelihood of contributing to changes in decision-making, and thus little likelihood of adding value. Environmental accounting techniques will be most valuable when they correct beliefs that are biased or when they focus on issues subject to high degrees of uncertainty. A focus in much of the environmental accounting literature is on the failure to quantify environmental benefits and costs.

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  • Earlier research confirms this disparity in views and also the huge variation in the structures and roles of PMOs. In the tougher economic conditions and increasingly competitive business environment of today, organisations cannot afford to continue spending huge sums of money on unsuccessful projects and programmes. Neither can they afford the cost of an ineffective PMO. So it is important to evaluate and understand the value a PMO can and should deliver and what constitutes the right mix of people and processes within a PMO to make that contribution.

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  • This paper investigates the relationship between non-farm employment and household income in Hanoi's periurban areas. The findings showed that the vast majority of the sample households participate in non-farm activities and income from these sources mainly contributes to total household income. Factors affecting household income were examined using multiple regression models and the findings confirm the important role of non-farm employment in improving household income.

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  • Nabin’s current research will strike a chord with most people. He is tackling the pharmaceutical industry head-on by examining the issues surrounding generic alternatives in the purchase of prescription drugs. When people are asked if they would like a cheaper brand, they usually assume that the ingredients are the same, but the results of level trade tests have been surprising, he explains. ‘A recent medical journal confirmed that the active ingredients in the drugs are the same but the inactive ingredients are different.

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