Controlling misuse

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  • When Prohibition (the Eighteenth Amendment) was repealed by State ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment in December 1933, I was a teenager, but already familiar with beverage alcohol. My initial contact was through religion; for centuries alcohol in beverage form had been part of the customs of many organized religions, customs that were and are part of the traditions of my Jewish faith. During Prohibition, I had consumed alcohol in a family environment and also participated in the sale of alcohol.

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  • “The highest-performing people I know are those who have installed the best tricks in their lives.”—David Allen, productivity guru 1 Contrary to the popular misuse of the term to denote a computer criminal, a hacker is someone who solves a problem in a clever or non-obvious way. A lifehacker uses workarounds and shortcuts to overcome everyday difficulties of the modern worker: an interrupt-driven existence of too much to do and too many distractions to keep you from doing it.

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  • The Kerio Administration Console application ( from now on labeled as Administration Console) is used for administration of Kerio Technologies’ server products (Kerio Control and Kerio Connect). Kerio Administration Console is an independent application which communicates with a server application (service) via a special network protocol. This enables use of Administration Console for local administration (from the computer where the service is running), as well as for remote administration (from any workstation in the Internet).

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  • The requirements are also needed for clearly distinguishing car-sharing from "fictive car- sharing" such as might be established for the sole purpose of taking advantage of special benefits that genuine car-sharing schemes should be eligible for. The requirement of the administrator of a car-sharing scheme being a legal entity (requirement 1) and of each vehicle being registered in the name of a legal entity (requirement 4) reduces the risk of misuse.

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  • The purpose of this letter and accompanying booklet is to help you and your company better understand U.S. export control laws. U.S. export control laws help protect our country and our allies by keeping goods and technologies out of the hands of countries of concern and terrorists who would misuse them to attack us or our allies. This booklet is intended to deter violations of our export control laws and promote best export compliance practices by the exporting community.

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  • It is important to note from press reports that the government is setting up a Central Listing Authority (CLA) which would oversee issues and listing at the stock exchanges and monitor use of issue proceeds. This only means that the Capital Issue Control which was abolished in the wake of liberalization would be making a comeback albeit with a different name and scope. This should be construed as an acknowledgement of the misuse of the freedom by corporates and the intermediaries. It is also being reported that norms for inter-corporate investments and loans, which were...

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  • Health care and hygiene programmes can help in control. Watering at night or at midday reduces the risk of being bitten by flies. Preventive measures before the onset of the disease (Chemoprophylaxis) and curative measures after the disease is clinically evident (Chemotherapy) have shown varying success in controlling and combating the disease (Table 32). As for all trypanosome diseases, drug resistance due to misuse and especially by using too small doses or diluting the drug with water or some other liquid is an increasing problem.

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