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  • Volume 5 - Modern world part II: 1946-2003. Volumes 5 discuss what is some-times referred to as the democratization of fashion. At the begin-ning of the twentieth century, high quality, stylish clothes weredesigned by and made available to a privileged elite; by the middleto end of the century, well-made clothes were widely available inthe West, and new styles came from creative and usually youth-oriented cultural groups as often as they did from designers.

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  • Volume 2: Early cultures across the globe. Volume 2 looks at the transition from the ancient world tothe Middle Ages, focusing on the Asian cultures of China and Japan,the Byzantine Empire, the nomadic and barbarian cultures of earlyEurope, and Europe in the formative Middle Ages. This volume alsohighlights several of the ancient cultures of North America, Southand Central America, and Africa that were encountered by Europeans during the Age of Exploration that began in the fifteenthcentury.

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  • Volume 4 - Modern world part I: 1900-1945. Volumes 4 cover the period of Western history since1900. These volumes trace the rise of the fashion designer as theprimary creator of new clothing styles, chart the impact of technol-ogy on costume traditions, and present the innovations made pos-sible by the introduction of new synthetic, or man-made, materials.Perhaps most importantly.

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  • Vvolume 3 - European culture from the Renaissance to the modern era. Volume 3 featuresthe costume traditions of the developing European nation-statesin the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries, and looks at theimportance of the royal courts in introducing clothing styles andthe shift from home-based garmentmaking to shop-based and thenfactory-based industry.

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  • The costume of our progenitors was chiefly remarkable for its extreme simplicity; and, as far as we can gather, no difference in design was made between the sexes. A few leaves entwined by the stalks, the feathers of birds, the bark of trees, or roughly-dressed skins of animals were probably regarded by beaux and belles of the Adamite period as beautiful and appropriate adornments for the body, and were followed by garments made from plaited grass, which was doubtless the origin of weaving, a process which is nothing more than the mechanical plaiting of hair, wool, flax, &c.

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  • With this illustrated step-by-step how-to book, you can dress up any type of puppet (or doll!) with shirts, skirts, suits, pants, capes, hats, dresses, jumpers, shoes, accessories, and much more! From basic sewing steps and easy pattern making to choosing fabric that will start the show, this book includes everything you need to

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  • Make-up & Costume Rules. 1. Make sure that you have read and understand all of ... If you have had make-up classes here, please help out others around you. ...

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  • A superb panoramic study of clothing worn in the Middle Ages. A meticulously researched text is enhanced with nearly 700 illustrations depicting all manner of apparel — from fur-trimmed cloaks and brocaded robes of courtiers and the nobility to simpler mantles, tunics and trousers worn by merchants, huntsmen, and other commoners.

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  • American Costumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI) Intangible economic indicators Conducts analyses of customer service quality in 35 separate industries, 190 companies and government agencies on a scale of 1 to 100 Post-consumption assessment by the user about the product or service gained Uses expectancy confirmation-disconfirmation approach: focuses on service comparisons with customers prior expectations

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  • This book is a collaborative effort. The content took shape with the help of family, colleagues, and the amazing staff at McGraw-Hill. Big thanks to my editor, John Aherne, for his enthusiasm and counsel, and to Kenya Henderson, for making it all happen! McGraw-Hill design, marketing, and public relations staff are among the best in the book publishing industry. I’m honored they share my excitement about the subject.

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  • If there is a part of dollmaking I dislike, it is making the body. With most of my dolls, which begin as a set of sculpted parts, I have to do something to hook all the parts together. However, the structure while in progress just doesn't thrill me, but the process must be done, and done well, because I know that the body and the movement of the piece can make or ruin the doll as a completed and successful piece. The greatest sculpture and the most fantastic costuming will not amount to anything if they are hung on...

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  • The Communist superhero — Chinese Propaganda Posters Movies of the 70s — The birth of the blockbuster Arabian Nights in contemporary Morocco — Living in Morocco From Togas to Tailcoats — The Complete Costume History Rock Dreams — A storybook of rock music Büttner — Strokes of wittiness TASCHEN’s Cologne offices — Where it all happens The Tadao touch — Tadao Ando: The Complete Works Style surfing — TASCHEN’s 1000 Favorite Websites Living in the Countryside — Rustic living at its finest Encore, encore! New midi-size editions Huge pictorial punch in tiny packages — I...

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  • Volume 1: The ancient world. Volume 1 covers the ancient world, including prehistoric manand the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Greece, andRome. Key issues covered in this volume include the early use ofanimal skins as garments, the introduction of fabric as the primaryhuman body covering, and the development of distinct cultural tra-ditions for draped and fitted garmen

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  • Những sự kiện sáng tạo: 1964-1965 Created the "Eight Horses" in collaboration with CHOU Ling, his first portfolio in relief and without color nor ink. 1967 "La Nature Prie Sans Paroles" (Nature prays without words) , lithographies. 1968 Portfolio of Horse lithographies.

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  • Here is a doll-making course that combines sculpted clay with cloth bodies. It presents each step in sculpting the head and body, curing and finishing the materials, and constructing the costume. This book, and its companion, Designing the Doll, are both fabulous. The text is clear and easy to read, the line drawings are excellent, and the wide array of figures in photographs is very impressive. The book is heavily illustrated, and Susanna not only knows what she's doing, but she also write a great book about it. I'm a professional sculptor, and so often times the books fall far short...

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  • Huckster Heaven, in Hollywood, set out to fulfill the adman's dream in every particular. It recognized more credit cards than it offered entrées on the menu. Various atmospheres, complete with authentic decor, were offered: Tahitian, Parisian, even Afro-Cuban for the delectation of the Off-Beat Client. In every case, houris glided to and fro in appropriate native costume, bearing viands calculated

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  • People often wear their causes on their t-shirts, in their choice of traditional attire or other garments, or by way of specific costumes, pieces of jewellery or particular accessories. In Was it something I wore? Dress; identity; materiality, the contributors explore the construction and performance of personal and social identities.

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  • We can best understand the importance of these classifications by making two simple distinctions. The first is between ‘popular’ and ‘art’ cinema. The massive popular audience in India is hungry for cheap entertainment and this is what cinema has provided. This audience, which includes a significant proportion of people with limited access to education, enjoys universal genres such as action, comedy and melodrama and more specifically ‘Indian’ stories with spiritual/mythological themes.

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  • As this article will argue, these archaeological discoveries and the subsequent displays arising from them provided a new visual and material culture of archaeology that inspired a British re-fashioning both in clothing and identity. The work of imagining the impact of classical Greek dress – on the body, health, and national fitness – provoked new ways of considering British civilisation both in relation to the ancient world and to existing cultures of nationhood in the 1880s.

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  • Charles Kingsley makes this point in his 1873 lecture “Nausicaa in London: Or, the Lower Education of Woman,” in which he quotes the passage in The Odyssey in which Nausicaa plays ball with her female companions on the beach(62). J. Moyr Smith makes this explicit with regard to Greek clothing in his book Ancient Greek Female Costume in 1882: “Though more fully clad in most parts of Greece than in Sparta, the costume of the young girls and women was such as allowed the body to develop its natural beauty, and permitted a graceful freedom of motion” (17)....

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