Cotton fibre

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  • Following the contents part 1, part 2 the book "Textile fibre microscopy" presented the contents: Fibre types and properties (Kinds of Fibres, Fibres properties, general classification of textile Fibres), cotton, flax.

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  • The book "Biotechnology of Biopolymers" comprises 17 chapters covering occurrence, synthesis, isolation and production, properties and applications, biodegradation and modification, the relevant analysis methods to reveal the structures and properties of biopolymers and a special section on the theoretical, experimental and mathematical models of biopolymers.

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  • The three-dimensional crystal structure of recombinant annexin Gh1 fromGossypium hirsutum(cotton fibre) has been determined and refined to the finalR-factor of 0.219 at the resolution of 2.1 A ˚ . This plant annexin consists of the typicalannexin fold and is similar to the previously solved bell pepper annexinAnx24(Ca32), but significant differences are seen when compared to the structure of nonplant annexins.

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  • Laboratory coats (labcoats) made of cotton or synthetic fibres are commonly used in research laboratories and hospital departments where there is a risk of minor radioactive contamination. The conditions of the work, such as whether flammability needs to be considered, are a factor in the selection of the fabric. Short jackets and smocks do not protect the lower body. Full length coats need to be fully fastened to ensure that spills or splashes of radioactive substances do not contaminate personal clothing underneath.

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