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  • Committee members John Curtis, James Emme, Vello Kuuskraa, and Dianne Nielson and National Research Council staff members Tammy Dickinson, Monica Lipscomb, and Karen Imhof were fundamental in developing the workshop agenda, identifying speakers, running the workshop, and writing this report. It was a great team effort. My thanks to each of them.

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  • Awareness of issues related to the environment—the need to conserve, the need for pollution minimization, the need to design for the future—have become part of the social dialog. It is seen in advertising: “green” in car commercials. It is seen at the grocery store: “paper or plastic?” It is seen in our personal energy use: “Do you choose the company that gets part of its electricity from renewable sources or standard resources?” It is part of the voting platforms—balancing the needs of having national parks with exploration and utilization of resources....

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  • Since mid-2009, North Korea has admitted it has a uranium enrichment program and implied that it will enrich uranium on a significant scale in the near future. After years of denial, North Korea mentioned its uranium enrichment program in public statements as tensions increased following its ballistic missile test in April 2009, its May 2009 nuclear test, and the subsequent imposition of United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korean trading entities.

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  • The Panel on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence was established in early 1992 by the Naval Studies Board (NSB) of the National Research Council in response to a request from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

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  • Despite all the above and whatever impacts technology, global economies and terrorism are likely to have, there is still the desire amongst international associations to meet, press the flesh and exchange views which will always remain. According to ICCA the UK’s market share of the international association congress segment remains stable at around 5.6% and is second only to the USA.

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  • We are grateful to everyone who attended the panel’s first meet- ing and provided perspectives on issues of human research participant protection in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences (SBES). We acknowledge the wealth of information that we obtained from web- sites of private and public organizations and from previous surveys of the review process for research with human participants (see the appendices).

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  • This report provides information and recommendations on the results of the Coordinated Street Furniture Program Request for Proposals No. 9103-06-7316. Staff are seeking City Council’s authority to enter into negotiations with the Vendor best satisfying the requirements of the RFP, Astral Media Outdoor LP, to finalize contract provisions, incorporate technical and design refinements to the recommended family of street furniture; and enter an Agreement with the recommended Vendor.

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  • This report would not have been possible without the important contributions of National Research Council (NRC) leadership and staff, and many other organizations. First, we acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF). We particularly thank David Ucko, deputy division director of the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, whose initial and continuing engagement with the committee supported and encouraged the development of the report....

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  • The Cloud Library project emerged out of a series of discussions that began with Carol Mandel, Jim Neal, John Wilkin and Jim Michalko in 2009. These individuals provided leadership and vision that guided all the work that followed. Library staff from New York University, Columbia University, the New York Public Library and Princeton University participated in a variety of meetings, conference calls and e-mail exchanges that helped to give shape to the project. The Andrew W.

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  • In response to a request from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Research Council (NRC) established the Committee on Principal-Investigator-Led Missions in the Space Sciences in the summer of 2004 to conduct a study of Principal-Investigator (PI)-led missions in the space sciences. (Appendix A includes brief biographies of the committee members and staff.

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  • This Partnership Program focuses on journals associated with MIM sites in Mali, Ghana, Uganda, and Malawi. The program comprises editors of these journals, editors of JAMA, BMJ, Lancet, EH, and AJPH, and the Council of Scientific Editors. NLM contributed to technical capacity building by providing site visits by experienced IT experts from Africa and helping to purchase equipment, including computers, printers, scanners and software. Staff from each African journal visited the offices of its partner journal for one to two weeks.

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  • The extraordinarily broad scope of the congressional request for advice on coal resources and future coal research and development needs provided a significant challenge for the committee appointed by the National Research Council (NRC). Fortunately, clarifications by staff members from the offices of U.S. Senators Robert C. Byrd and Arlen Specter—the originators of this study—were most helpful, suggesting that the report should be brief and contain limited detail, but with abundant references to other, more comprehensive studies.

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  • We wish to acknowledge with grateful appreciation the many services provided by the American Medical Association, through the Committee on Disaster Medical Care, Council on National Security, Board of Trustees and staff, in the preparation of this handbook. From the inception of studies to determine emergency health techniques and procedures, the Association gave valuable assistance and support.

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  • Participants stressed the importance of community input and review more often than anything else. The Cross Cultural Health Care Program’s Voices of the Communities project and subsequent community profiles employed a process in which profiles where either written by a community member or a community member and CCHCP staff. Each profile was reviewed by other community members and any resulting changes were incorporated in the final product. The process resulted in excellent products. The UW Medical Center employs a similar process for its Culture Clues.

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  • For environmental programs such as water clean-up programs, trained observers might assess water visibility. For hiking and biking trail programs, trained observers might assess various physical conditions such as the condition of the trails and their cleanliness. A form of trained observer procedures has been used to assess the progress of clients of various rehabilitation and physical care programs, for example, to rate the ability to undertake activities of daily living. Exhibit 10 lists the basic tasks for implementing trained observer measurements.

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