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  • One day when I was a student in graduate school, the professor asked the class to discuss whether there was enough culture and race in our counseling psychology curriculum. To my surprise, several classmates claimed that since we had a cross-racial counseling course, there was sufficient attention given to these issues. I countered that, other than the minorities, few students took this course, and voiced my feeling that issues of culture and race needed to be integrated into every class.

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  • The aim of this volume is to focus on how counseling psychology fosters and builds optimal human strength and well-being. Counseling psychology in some form has always been a vital part of promoting good health and preventing mental, physical, and social disorders. The chapters in this book show how counseling psychology plays a major role in helping people make changes at home, work, and in the community in ways that prevent disease risk and strengthen personal and social resources.

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  • Research indicates that in most facilities the identification of HIV infection among women in prevention of vertical transmission programs is used as an entry point to recommend HIV testing and counselling to other family members. However, all respondents noted that the number of sexual partners who make use of these services is still extremely low.

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  • School setting: Skills-based health education and life skills can and have been incorporated in many settings and for a wide range of target groups. In this document, we focus on school-based programmes. Education reform ensures a place for skills-based health education in the curriculum and in various extra-curricular efforts. Special programmes for students and parents, peer education and counselling programmes, and school/community programmes offer ways for students to apply and practise what they learn.

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  • All professional psychological work should be accurate and ethical. Errors of omission or commission are likely to have serious repercussions in forensic psychological practice. In this setting, even small mistakes can lead to embarrassment, criticism, licensing board sanctions, and possible criminal charges as well as civil lawsuits. The devil is in the details. The Forensic Documentation Sourcebook, 2nd ed.

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  • Of course, such a rapid start requires resources capable of performing the required fieldwork. Generally, internal audit resources “ramp up” to address the full audit programme. To achieve a rapid start, many companies initially look to an outside provider. This can have several advantages, including advice and counsel throughout the development process; access to resources necessary to complete specific high-risk audits; access to tools and technologies; and knowledge transfer to employees as the function transitions to a full in-house or cosourced resource model.

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  • Internal audit technologies can greatly improve the efficiency, quality and consistency of the audit process. Data analysis software can also enhance the audit by allowing the computerised testing of entire populations of data as opposed to relying on detail testing of sample data. Internal audit infrastructure and methodologies can be developed internally or acquired from a third party. PricewaterhouseCoopers, for example, offers the TeamMate™, an integrated electronic working paper software application designed specifically for internal auditors.

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