Counting techniques

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  • Chapter 6: Counting. This chapter presents the following content: The basics of counting, the pigeonhole principle, permutations and combinations, binomial coefficients and identities, generalized permutations and combinations, generating permutations and combinations (not yet included in overheads).

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Applications of recurrence relations, solving linear recurrence relations, divide-and-conquer algorithms and recurrence relations, generating functions, inclusion-Exclusion, applications of inclusion-exclusion.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Discrete mathematics and its applications" has contents: Advanced counting techniques, relations, trees, boolean algebra, modelling computation. Please refer to the detailed content.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.7 Counting Records in a DataReader Problem You want to determine how many records there are in a DataReader. Solution Use one of the following three techniques

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  • We describe a novel mechanism called Reservoir Counting for application in online Locality Sensitive Hashing. This technique allows for significant savings in the streaming setting, allowing for maintaining a larger number of signatures, or an increased level of approximation accuracy at a similar memory footprint.

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  • In conclusion, the results reported herewith show a significant relationship between epifluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry, but coefficients of variation were considerably lower for bacterial counts estimated by flow cytometry than epifluorescence microscopy. Generally, the use of flow cytometry in marine microbiology reduces the processing time of the sample and increases the number of processed samples.

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  • In recent years, there were several important steps forward in the development of graphics hardware: shaders were introduced, GPUs became more general, and GPU performance increased drastically. In consequence, many new techniques appeared and novel rendering methods, such as deferred shading, became practical. e latter was one of the key factors in enabling a high light count, which added a never-before-seen realism to real-time graphics. e related tech demos were breathtaking, exhibiting enormous amounts of detail and complex surface properties.

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  • This manual is written to help students learn as much as possible about radiation and some of the concepts key to nuclear and particle physics. This manual in particular is written to guide you through a laboratory experiment set-up.

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  • This book is about solving problems and making decisions using numerical methods. Everyone – people in business, social administrators, bankers – can do their jobs better if equipped with such tools. No special skills or prior knowledge are required. Numerical methods amount to little more than applied logic: they all reduce to step-by-step instructions and can be processed by simple computing devices. Yet numerical methods are exciting and powerful. They work magic, which is perhaps why they are shrouded in mystery.

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  • Bài giảng Kịch bản HDH: Module 2 - Core Windows PowerShell™ Cmdlets presented recognize Windows PowerShell’s core cmdlets; sort, group, count, measure, and select objects in the pipeline; import and export objects from various sources; compare sets of objects.

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  • This paper presents a method for measuring the gross alpha/beta radioactivity of ancient pottery by using the liquid scintillation technique, Tri - carb2770TR/SL in the alpha/beta discrimination counting mode. The beta radioactivity is converted to the annual dose, which can be applied in dating of pottery by thermoluminescence technique.

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  • An active neutron method for measuring the inherent neutron emission of spent fuel assembly is proposed. The count rate of the inherent neutron emission can be determined by changing intensity of neutron irradiating source. The practical meaning of the method is presented. Some attractive features of the method are shown.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Pathology practical book" presentation of content: Blood vessels and lymphatics, nervous system, male reproductive system and prostate, lymphoid system, basic cytopathologic techniques, exfoliative cytology, counting of blood cells, reticulocyte count, blood grouping,...and other contents.

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  • This manual is written to help the instructors as much as to help the students. The set-up of the manual itself is to assist you get a laboratory experiment or classroom demonstration set-up and run. We also try to help with the student learning but we can’t guarantee it every time.

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  • This paper designs a novel lexical hub to disambiguate word sense, using both syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations of words. It only employs the semantic network of WordNet to calculate word similarity, and the Edinburgh Association Thesaurus (EAT) to transform contextual space for computing syntagmatic and other domain relations with the target word. Without any back-off policy the result on the English lexical sample of SENSEVAL-21 shows that lexical cohesion based on edge-counting techniques is a good way of unsupervisedly disambiguating senses. ...

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  • It may not seem strange to us today that there is a thing called energy that is conserved in all physical interactions. Energy is a concept we have all grown up with. A hundred and fifty years ago it was not so evident that there should be an intimate, quantitative relationship between such appar- ently unrelated phenomena as motion and heat. The discovery that heat and motion can be seen as different forms of the same thing—namely energy—was the first and biggest step toward understanding the concept of energy and its conservation.

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  • After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: What is discrete mathematics? Kinds of problems solved using discrete mathematics, goals of a course in discrete mathematics, discrete mathematics is a gateway course.

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  • Lecture Discrete mathematics and its applications (7/e) – Chapter 1: The foundations: Logic and proofs (Part I: Propositional logic). This chapter presents the following content: The language of propositions (connectives, truth values, truth tables), applications (translating english sentences, system specifications, logic puzzles, logic circuits), logical equivalences (important equivalences, showing equivalence, satisfiability).

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  • Lecture Discrete mathematics and its applications (7/e) – Chapter 1 (Part II): The foundations: Logic and proofs (Part II: Predicate logic). This chapter presents the following content: The language of quantifiers, logical equivalences, nested quantifiers, translation from predicate logic to English, translation from English to predicate logic.

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  • Lecture Discrete mathematics and its applications (7/e) – Chapter 1 (Part III): The foundations: Logic and proofs (Part III: Proofs). This chapter presents the following content: Valid arguments and rules of inference, proof methods, proof strategies.

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