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  • This new edition of this part of BS 5950 has been prepared under the direction of Technical Committee B/525, Building and Civil Engineering Structures. It replaces BS 5950: Part 5:1987 which is withdrawn. BS 5950 is a document combining codes of practice to cover the design, construction and fire protection of steel structures and specifications for materials, workmanship and erection.

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  • This Specification covers dimensions and marking requirements for API Master thread gauges. Additional product threads and thread gauges as well as instruments and methods for the inspection of threads for line pipe, round thread casing, buttress casing, and extreme-line casing connections are included. It is applicable when so stipulated in the API standard governing the product.

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  • The beginning of this book was university lecture notes and training material for process engineers. Although it now is a lot more comprehensive, it has been our intention to maintain a mixed academic and industrial approach to the various subjects. Our motivation for writing this book has been the need for a text covering the full range from the underlying physics to the process applications of radioisotope gauges. We could not deal with all subjects in detail; however, we have included references to many excellent books and articles where further details can be found....

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  • This text is aimed at technicians, hobbyists, and students and provides complete circuit diagrams and building instructions for a wide range of creative sleuthing applications. The designs are fully tested and proven effective in real-world alarm, sensor, and security equipment. Among the circuits highlighted are a multi-purpose high-gain amplifier, temperature and pressure sensors, vibration and pyroelectric sensors, smoke and toxic gas detectors, tachometer/speed gauges, a remote video and control system, door and window alarms, motion and impact detectors and tone signalling sensors.

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  • Each unit consist of one to two weeks work and include an introduction, objectives, reading materials, exercises, conclusion, summary, tutor marked assignment (TMAs) and marking scheme, references and other resources. The unit directs you to work on exercises related to the required reading. In general this exercise questions you on the material you have just covered or required you to apply it in some way and thereby, help you to gauge your progress and to reinforce your comprehension of the material.

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  • Capital planning plays a key role in banks’ business decisions. The cost of equity financing and return targets on shareholders’ funds shape banks’ capital allocation and product pricing. Given the importance of equity capital in absorbing losses, prudential regulators require banks to hold sufficient equity to cover risks. Regulation that motivates banks to raise equity financing when capital is cheap would promote the interests of long-term shareholders. All these considerations call for a better understanding of what drives the cost of bank capital.

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  • This health system assessment for Uganda was carried out during the first year of implementation of the HSSIP. Its findings, therefore, serve as a benchmark of the health system. By doing a similar assessment towards the end of HSSIP implementation, we will be able to gauge the progress made in the health system over the period covered by the plan.

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