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  • This is not a book of good ideas. This is a book of timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history. I have studied these success principles for over 30 years and have applied them to my own life. The phenomenal level of success that I now enjoy is the result of applying these principles day in and day out since I began to learn them in 1968.My success includes being the author and editor of over 60 best-selling books with over 80 million copies in print in 39 languages around the world, holding a Guinness Book world record for...

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  • Facebook is a very popular social networking site. There are millions of users who have joined this site for a good number of reasons: to stay in touch, create new relationships and interact with one another. The last reason is probably the most important reason of all – which is why so many Facebook application companies have decided to mushroom up.

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  • This refers to the ability to fully understand the relationship between strategy and culture as the two major elements in business success. Here the practitioner must understand all the human and organizational elements which impact the organization's ability to successfully deliver its strategies, and be able to manage these holistically to ensure results are achieved.

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  • At Facebook, everything we do is about making the world more open and connected. This has a profound impact on the way people communicate and interact. We are continually developing authentic ways for people to connect with one another as well as with the businesses, brands and institutions they care about, both on Facebook and across the web. Facebook allows marketers to stay connected with people throughout their day whether they are on their computers or mobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shopping with friends.

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  • Growing international competition means that companies are under increased pressure to uncover what others in the industry are doing. An article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette stated that, “Managers have ignored, denied, and/or subverted the role of intelligence in creating shareholder value. Due diligence is best demonstrated when a business decision such as an acquisition has intelligence as its foundation. Utilizing the best available intelligence will not guarantee success but it will certainly help you make more value- creating rather than value-destroying decisions.” ...

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  • Inside The Minds Creating Breakthrough Campaigns The key measurement of success for our firm is the quality and longevity of our relationships with clients, employees, the media, and our valued business partners. Specifically, in terms of creating a successful long-term client relationship, it is about continuing to deliver meaningful business results that help these organizations achieve their marketing and corporate objectives.

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  • Today’s Internet-savvy buyers are hungry for content. And not just any content … valuable, relevant content that offers solutions to their problems and helps them lead successful, productive, enjoyable jobs and lives. However, they are also inundated by thousands of marketing messages every day, most of which they ignore. To get through, you need to communicate differently—you need to do more than just sell products and services. You need to provide information.

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  • To the reader: This white paper aims to give you a quick but compelling roadmap for finding new customers online, creating a strong relationship with them, and converting them into satisfied repeat customers. At eMarketer, we believe that the three most important factors in successful marketing today are relevance, relevance, and relevance.

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