Creating a program

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  • Creating a Simple ASP.NET Web Application Using VS .NET In this section, you'll see how to create a simple ASP.NET Web application that contains a text box and a button using VS .NET.

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  • Using the Data Form Wizard to Create a Windows Form In this section, you'll use the VS .NET Data Form Wizard to create a Windows application that accesses both the Customers and Orders tables.

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  • Creating a DataSet Object Using Visual Studio .NET In this section, you'll learn how to create a DataSet using Visual Studio .NET. Note You'll find a completed VS .NET

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  • Creating a Command Object Using Visual Studio .NET To create a SqlCommand object using Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET), you drag a SqlCommand object from the Data tab of the Toolbox to your form.

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  • Creating a DataAdapter Object Using Visual Studio .NET In this section, you'll learn how to create a DataAdapter using Visual Studio .NET. Note You'll find a completed VS

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  • Creating a DataView Using Visual Studio .NET In this section, you'll learn how to create a DataView using Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET)

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  • Creating a Connection Object Using Visual Studio .NET To create a SqlConnection object using Visual Studio .NET

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  • Creating a Simple Shopping Cart Application In this section, you'll modify your DataGridWebApplication you created earlier to turn it into a simple shopping cart.

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  • Figure 6.23: Creating a relationship between two tables Note Remember: You're unselecting these columns, so you uncheck the columns for the Orders table

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  • Creating a Table You can use Enterprise Manager to add a table to a database. In this section, you'll add a table to the Northwind database to store the details of a person

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  • Creating a SqlDataReader Object You can create a DataReader object only by calling the ExecuteReader() method of a Command object. Command objects were covered in the previous chapter.

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  • Creating a UniqueConstraint Object In this section, you'll learn how to create a UniqueConstraint object. The UniqueConstraint constructor is overloaded as follows

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  • Creating a ForeignKeyConstraint Object The ForeignKeyConstraint constructor is overloaded as follows: ForeignKeyConstraint(DataColumn parentDataColumn, DataColumn childDataColumn)

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  • Using practical exercises, we will show you how easy it is to program in Ladder Logic, Statement List, or Function Block Diagram with STEP 7. Detailed instructions in the individual chapters will show you step-by-step the many ways in which you can use STEP 7. Creating a Program with Binary Logic In Chapters 2 to 7, you will create a program with binary logic. Using the programmed logic operations, you will address the inputs and outputs of your CPU (if present).

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  • Apple provides you with all the tools you need to create great Cocoa applications, for free. This set of tools, known under the name Xcode, comes with Mac OS X, or you can download it from the developer section on Apple’s website. Several good books on programming for the Mac exist, but they assume that you already have some programming experience. This book doesn’t. It teaches you the basics of programming, in particular Objective-C programming, using Xcode. After some 5 chapters, you will be able to create a basic program without a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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  • Microsoft Office Live Small Business is a suite of Internet-based services for small businesses, designed to get you up and running online quickly and easily – all you need is a computer and an Internet connection and allow to create a professional online presence without the expense of buying a server, setting up a compicated infrastructure and hiring technical staff to maintain it.

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  • Use one of the SqlCommand constructors. Call the CreateCommand() method of a SqlConnection object

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  • A graphical user interface (GUI) is a graphical display in one or more windows containing controls, called components, that enable a user to perform interactive tasks. The user of the GUI does not have to create a script or type commands at the command line to accomplish the tasks. Unlike coding programs to accomplish tasks, the user of a GUI need notgraphical display the details of how the tasks are performed.

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  • The OpenGL graphics system is a software interface to graphics hardware. (The GL stands for Graphics Library.) It allows you to create interactive programs that produce color images of moving three−dimensional objects. With OpenGL, you can control computer−graphics technology to produce realistic pictures or ones that depart from reality in imaginative ways. This guide explains how to program with the OpenGL graphics system to deliver the visual effect you want.

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  • The purpose of this book is to give the reader a better understanding of how computers really work at a lower level than in programming languages like Pascal. By gaining a deeper understanding of how computers work, the reader can often be much more productive developing software in higher level languages such as C and C++. Learning to program in assembly language is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Other PC assembly language books still teach how to program the 8086 processor that the original PC used in 1980! This book instead discusses how to program the 80386 and later...

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