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  • In the method of creating digital terrain model (DTM) by using digital photogrammetry, the picket sampling interval (PSI) plays an important role since it strongly influences on the production effectiveness and on the accuracy of created DTMs. The optimal value of PSI must be balanced between requirements of effectiveness and of accuracy. This research is focused on the influence of PSI on root mean square error (RMSE) of created DTM and on the number of error pickets (caused by limitation of image matching technique) that must be checked and corrected manually.

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  • This year, Congress, the Administration, and financial regulators have taken significant measures to address some of the most obvious inadequacies in our consumer protection framework. But these steps have focused on just two, albeit very important, product markets – credit cards and mortgages. We need comprehensive reform. For that reason, we propose the creation of a single regulatory agency, a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), with the authority and accountability to make sure that consumer protection regulations are written fairly and enforced vigorously.

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  • The physical and functional properties of the means are conditioning the ways in which the information may be articulated. Therefore, factors such as economy and access to raw materials play an important role in determining the level of cognitive complexity of a society. According to Lave (1988: 1), cognition is distributed, i.e., “stretched over, not divided among—mind, body, activity, and culturally organized settings (which include other actors).

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  • PMI’s Pulse of the Profession is an annual global survey of practitioners and project management leaders. The latest survey contains feedback from over 1,000 professionals across a variety of experience levels and industries. We conducted this study in late 2011. Respondents represent all aspects of the project, program and portfolio management profession; 14% have practiced project management for less than five years, 37% for five to nine years and the remaining half for ten or more years.

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  • The population health approach achieves its goal of improving the health status of the entire population by considering health determinants and strategies to reduce inequalities in health status between groups. (110) As a result, the Child Health program requires public health practitioners to work with others to address the broader determinants of health and reduce resulting health inequities. (1) Practical guidance for this work is addressed in Steps to Equity: Ideas and Strategies for Health Equity in Ontario, 2008–2010.

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  • Large corpora of parsed sentences with semantic role labels (e.g. PropBank) provide training data for use in the creation of high-performance automatic semantic role labeling systems. Despite the size of these corpora, individual verbs (or rolesets) often have only a handful of instances in these corpora, and only a fraction of English verbs have even a single annotation. In this paper, we describe an approach for dealing with this sparse data problem, enabling accurate semantic role labeling for novel verbs (rolesets) with only a single training example. ...

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  • Financial globalization could be described as a process in which global financial activities get increasingly integrated with the risk creation mechanism. This description emphasizes three points. First, financial globalization is not only a process in which financial activities transcend national borders, but also a process in which risks spread across the markets. Second, financial globalization is initiated by many micro-economic entities to seek profits and is driven by the integration of global financial markets. Third, it is a gradually deepening process with distinct phases....

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  • Every member of the product team is important. To succeed, a company must design, build, test and market the product effectively. That said, there is one role that is absolutely crucial to producing a good product, yet it is often the most misunderstood and underutilized of all the roles. This is the role of the product manager. In this paper we discuss the role and responsibilities of the good product manager, and then we look at the characteristics of good product managers, where to find them, and how to develop them.1...

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  • This research indicates that all professionals involved in the planning, delivery and funding of services need to acknowledge the range of problems and issues experienced by those living in exile. By taking a wide perspective of mental health needs, providers can plan intervention, which takes account of the multitude of practical, social, cultural, economic and legal difficulties, which can act as contributing factors to the long-term mental health of refugees and asylum seekers.

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  • An engineer, procure and construct (EPC) contract is a form of D&B contract under which a design engineer or firm of design consultants heads a team which includes an experienced contractor and perhaps a plant supplier. The promoter specifies his project requirements in outline which the team designs in detail in continued liaison with him. The EPC organization arranges and manages construction, letting specialist work packages out as necessary to suitable sub-contractors.

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  • Standardised, regularly available indicators to explain market developments for microfinance in Europe do not yet exist, or refer to Eastern Europe. Thus, we will focus in this section on the framework conditions for microfinance which are covered by the regularly updated Eurostat indicators for poverty and social inclusion, and by data on micro-enterprises. Specific aspects of the current crisis will be discussed later in this paper.

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  • Our database contains relatively few European sector funds (shown in section III of Table 1), particularly prior to 2003. It is worth noting that the division between sector funds and country funds is less clear-cut than may rst seem the case. Indeed, some of the smaller European stock markets are dominated by a few rms and one or two sectors (e.g., Nokia in the Finnish stock market). Thus, investors likely used country funds to invest in certain industries during earlier periods of our time-series.

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  • Section 619 of Dodd-Frank (the “Volcker Rule”) generally prohibits any banking entity, including affi liates of banks, from the following (all of which are subject to a number of exceptions): (i) engaging in, sponsoring or investing in a “covered fund” (e.g., a hedge fund, pri- vate equity fund, and numerous other private funds and pooled investment vehicles), and (ii) having certain rela- tionships with a covered fund.

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  • The shareholder accepts that the Management Company, being responsible for the processing of personal data, has authorised the HSBC Group as promoter and any distributor that is also a member of the HSBC Group to have access to data concerning him/her for the purpose of shareholder service and the promotion of products relating to the Company or any other products of the HSBC Group and thus process them in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 2 August 2002.

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  • In the US, once the Nickelodeons had emerged between 1905 and 1907, their audience seems to have been mixed. Women and children probably constituted about half of the audiences and they might even have been the majority of visitors. Richard Abel relates, for example, that in New York, women often went with their children to the Nickelodeon after or during shopping, as these venues were handily located in the shopping districts (Abel 1999: 48).

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  • While not considered here, purchase prices would be relevant in considering a sponsor’s ability to support since a sponsor would need adequate liquidity for the purchase in addition to the ability to absorb related losses. Notably, the Credit Suisse Institutional Money Market Fund Inc. disclosed sponsor purchases in the amount of $5.69 billion during the year ended December 31, 2007. In December 2007, Janus Capital management purchased Stanfield Victoria Funding LLC positions from two Janus funds for over $100 million.

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  • It is a pleasure to welcome you to this fascinating course: Successful Project Management. We believe that everyone engages in a project of one type or another, but not all of us take time to get information about best ways to manage the project before it begins. The aim of this training course is, therefore, to help you open up new horizons so that you can harness your full potential in managing a personal project or that of the organisation you work for. Although focus is on distance education (DE) project management, there are generic principles that apply to...

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  • In classical data warehousing terms, organizing data is called data integration. Because there is such a high volume of big data, there is a tendency to organize data at its original storage location, thus saving both time and money by not moving around large volumes of data. The infrastructure required for organizing big data must be able to process and manipulate data in the original storage location; support very high throughput (often in batch) to deal with large data processing steps; and handle a large variety of data formats, from unstructured to structured.

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