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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học hay nhất của tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Crooked Functions, Bent Functions, and Distance Regular Graphs...

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  • những cách đọc bình thường bạn nào cũng biết tôi không nhắc lại ,các bạn cần lưu ý các ngoại lệ sau: các chữ sau đây đọc là:/id/ aged,learned,legged,dogged,beloved,wicked,blessed,crooked, naked,ragged,rugged,scared,wretched 2) Đối với chữ s bình thường chữ s phát âm là /s/,nhưng có những ngoại lệ cần nhớ là : s đọc /z/ các chữ sau:busy, please, easy, present, desire, music, pleasant, desert, choose, reason, preserve, poison..

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  • Hình 1: Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845 – 1923) Tia X ñöôïc Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen - nhaø vaät lyù ngöôøi Ñöùc phaùt minh vaøo naêm 1895. Vào tối ngày 8 tháng 11 năm ấy, ông tự hỏi một vấn đề mà các nhà vật lý đương thời đang quan tâm đó là tia âm cực có thể truyền ra khỏi bóng được không và nếu có thì truyền được khoảng cách bao lâu và gây ra hiệu quả gì? Ông nhận thấy rằng khi cho bóng Crookes có độ chân không cao hoạt động thì những tinh thể Platino Cyanur de...

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  • Khi bóng Crookes có độ chân không cao hoạt động thì những tinh thể Platino Cyanur de Bary để bên cạnh sáng lên. • Ông đặt bàn tay lên tấm bìa phủ chất Platino Cyanur de Bary → thấy xương bàn tay của chính mình. Sau đó ông thay tấm bìa phủ chất Platino Cyanur de Bary bằng một tấm kính ảnh → cũng thấy xương bàn tay in vào kính ảnh. ►Như vậy Rontgen đã phát minh cùng một lúc kỹ thuật chiếu và chụp X quang. ...

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  • The story of electric power can be traced back to around 600 BC, when the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus found that amber rubbed with a piece of fur would attract lightweight objects such as feathers. This was due to static electricity. It is thought that, around the same time, a shepherd in what is now Turkey discovered magnetism in lodestones, when he found pieces of them sticking to the iron end of his crook.

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  • The history of mobile radio goes back almost to the origins of radio communication itself. The very early work of Hertz in the 1880s showed that electromagnetic wave propagation was possible in free space and hence demonstrated the practicality of radio communications. In 1892, less than ®ve years later, a paper written by the British scientist Sir William Crookes [1] predicted telegraphic communication over long distances using tuned receiving and transmitting apparatus.

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  • by and large - on the whole, considering everything By and large we had a good meeting even though it was very short. by any means - by any way possible We decided to try to find a computer to use by any means. by chance - without planning By chance I saw my father's friend in the supermarket. by far - greatly, by a great margin He is by far the smartest person in his company. by fits and starts - irregularly, with many stops and starts By fits and starts the company was finally able to begin business. by hook or by crook - in any way necessary My...

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  • Luna mở to mắt, ngạc nhiên: - Thế mà bốn trăm năm trời nay vẫn không một ai khám phá được điều gì! Thế căn phòng có còn y nguyên các thứ không? - Ngoài một vài cái bị bọn quân lính của Cromwell(#1) lấy mất hay làm vỡ hồi họ đóng binh trong lâu đài Dannow, còn thì không ai **ng chạm tới những vật ở đâu vẫn ở nguyên đấy. Theo lời bà Blavatsky và sir Williams Crookes thì có lẽ bọn quân lính đã lấy mất hoặc hủy hoại mất những dấu tích cốt yếu nhất rồi....

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  • Cosmetic surgery is the latest beauty mantra in India , as more and more people want to look young and feel good. Be it a crooked nose, cleft lip or excessive body flab, cosmetic surgery can correct it all. Moreover, in the last decade , the popularity of medical tourism has soared among people in developed nations due to the elevated cost of healthcare in their own countries. A career as a cosmetic surgeon entails years of training and developing exceptional skill. However, once established, clients will flow in.

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  • A lot should be written as two words. Although a lot is used informally to mean "a large number" or "many," avoid using a lot in formal writing. Example: "The crook had many (not a lot of) chances to rob the stranger."

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  • About Westlake: Donald Edwin Westlake (born July 12, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York) is a prolific American novelist, with over a hundred books to his credit. He specializes in crime fiction, especially comic capers with an occasional foray into science fiction. He is a three-time Edgar Award winner, one of only two writers (the other is Joe Gores) to win Edgars in three different categories (1968, Best Novel, God Save the Mark; 1990, Best Short Story, "Too Many Crooks"; 1991, Best Motion Picture Screenplay, The Grifters).

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  • The force that through the green fuse drives the flower Drives my green age; that blasts the roots of trees Is my destroyer. And I am dumb to tell the crooked rose My youth is bent by the same wintry fever. The force that drives the water through the rocks Drives my red blood; that dries the mouthing streams Turns mine to wax. And I am dumb to mouth unto my veins How at the mountain spring the same mouth sucks. Dylan Thomas, Collected Poems (1952) In these opening stanzas from Dylan Thomas’s famous poem, the poet proclaims the essential unity...

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  • Tia Rơnghen Ứng dụng Lịch sử khám phá tia Rơnghen (tia X) Tia X được khám phá khá ngẫu nhiên, vào năm 1895, trong qúa trình nghiên cứu dòng điện trong ống Crookes-Hittorf của Roentgen

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  • GRAMPS FORD, his chin resting on his hands, his hands on the crook of his cane, was staring irascibly at the five-foot television screen that dominated the room. On the screen, a news commentator was summarizing the day's happenings. Every thirty seconds or so, Gramps would jab the floor with his cane-tip and shout, "Hell, we did that a hundred years ago!" Emerald and Lou, coming in from the balcony, where they had been seeking that 2185 A.D.

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  • Mister Henderson called me into his office my third day back in Tangiers. That was a day and a half later than I'd expected. Roving claims investigators for Tangiers Mutual Insurance Corporation don't usually get to spend more than thirty-six consecutive hours at home base. Henderson was jovial but stern. That meant he was happy with the job I'd just completed, and that he was pretty sure I'd find some crooked shenanigans on this next assignment. That didn't please me. I'm basically a plain-living type, and I hate complications. I almost wished for a second there that I was back...

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  • Glasgow Scotland, December 1989 Jackie Mitchell stared down at the murdered body of Alison Maxwell, fear and horror mingling in equal measure. Alison was sprawled on the familiar bedroom carpet, limbs crooked, blonde hair spread round her head in a jagged halo. The ravages of strangulation had left her face barely recognisable. The scarf that was wound into a tight ligature round her neck was, however, only too easily identifiable. Jackie would know her own distinctive yellow tartan muffler anywhere. Slowly, with an enormous effort of will, she forced herself to look up....

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  • Prineville sân bay nằm khoảng ba dặm về phía tây nam thành phố Prineville, Quận Crook Tây Bắc. Được thành lập vào năm 1868, Prineville là cộng đồng lớn nhất và thành phố duy nhất kết hợp trong Quận Crook. Prineville cũng là tâm của hạt. Crook County, nằm ​​ở trung tâm địa lý của Oregon, biên giới hạt Jefferson và Wheeler ở phía bắc;

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  • Deschutes County ở phía tây và phía nam, và Harney và Grant quận phía đông. Các thành phố lớn gần nhất là Bend, nằm ​​khoảng 35 dặm về phía tây nam của Prineville. Một bản đồ vị trí sân bay được cung cấp trong Hình 2-1. Quận Crook nằm chủ yếu trong lưu vực sông Deschutes với diện tích 2.991 dặm vuông (1.907.200 mẫu Anh).

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  • In shape Egypt is like a lily with a crooked stem. A broad blossom terminates it at its upper end; a button of a bud projects from the stalk a little below the blossom, on the left-hand side. The broad blossom is the Delta, extending from Aboosir to Tineh, a direct distance of a hundred and eighty miles, which the projection of the coast—the graceful swell of the petals—enlarges to two hundred and thirty.

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  • Moreover, poor women who have access to financial services have proven themselves to be highly creditworthy. Anecdotal evidence indicates that women repay their loans more consistently than do men. Necessity has made women careful strategists who plan for the future, shrewd risk-takers with an eye for economic opportunities and hard workers who put their families’ welfare first. Investing in the earning power of women pays big dividends for families, for society and for microfinance institutions, enabling them to serve more and more clients.

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