Cultural racism

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  • Linguistic anthropology evolved in the twentieth century in an environment that tended to reify language and culture. A recognition of the dynamics of discourse as a sociocultural process has since emerged as researchers have used new methods and theories to examine the reproduction and transformation of people, institutions, and communities through linguistic practices. This transformation of linguistic anthropology itself heralds a new era for publishing as well.

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  • Although the views expressed in each chapter are those of the author(s) concerned, they have been influenced by many colleagues and friends in various organisations and settings, in particular the Transcultural Psychiatry Society (UK); Survivors Speak Out; Nafsiyat (Intercultural Therapy Centre); MIND; the Marlborough Family Service; Good Practices in Mental Health; Clinical Psychology, Race and Culture Special Interest Group of the British Psychological Society and the confederation of Indian Organisations.

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  • The past few years have seen many books commenting on the failure of mental health services to meet the needs of black and minority ethnic people. Some highlight the effects of racism – especially ‘institutional racism’ –while others emphasise the lack of sensitivity to cultural difference in theways of working, especially the ‘medical model’ of (Western) psychiatry on which services are generally based. Government plans to address the problems top-down appear to try riding both horses, but all too often fall between them or fall off both....

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  • This collection was first conceived of at a conference organised by Adam Brown to coincide with the Euro 96 European Football Championships in England in 1996. The conference, ‘Fanatics! Football and Popular Culture in Europe’, was held at the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture, Manchester Metropolitan University from 11–13 June 1996 and involved leading football academics from around the world.

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  • This fully updated edition combines the latest research with real life examples of social marketing campaigns the world over to help you learn how to apply the principles and methods of marketing to a broad range of social issues. The international case studies and applications show how social marketing campaigns are being used across the world to infl uence changes in behaviour, and reveal how those campaigns may differ according to their cultural context and subject matter.

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  • Ty Lewis can't believe it when Coach V recruits him for the football team. This is Ty's big chance to prove how fast he is on the field, get a fresh start in a new school, and be like his older brother, Thane "Tiger" Lewis, who's about to graduate from college—and is being courted by the NFL. But Ty's guardian, Uncle Gus, won't let him play. Uncle Gus needs Ty to scrub floors and toilets for his cleaning business while he cooks up gambling schemes with the local mob boss, a man called "Lucy." When Lucy hears just how famous Ty's older...

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  • On September 9, 1990, Bruce Graham, a playwright, watched from home as his Philadelphia Eagles opened the season against the New York Giants. Watching with him that Sunday night was his high school drama teacher, Sandy Stefanowicz, who wore her special helmet earrings. She was the only woman Bruce allowed in his Eagles viewing circle. He was afraid, Sandy said, that someone might talk about fabric or shopping. Sandy sat in a rocking chair holding Bruce’s daughter Kendall, who was eight days old.

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  • There were so many incredibly talented and giving people who helped to make this book possible. First and foremost among them is Terry Golway. Without Terry’s help and assistance from the very beginning, I could not have maintained the stamina and discipline necessary to complete this book. Like so many of the great teachers and coaches I have had in my life, Terry guided me with care and kindness throughout the writing process and enabled me to convey my thoughts and experiences with clear purpose and meaningful direction. More than anyone else, Terry made this book a reality....

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