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  • Cell culture is practiced extensively throughout the world today. The techniques required to allow cells to grow and be maintained outside the body have been developed throughout the 20th century. In the 50 years since the publication of the first human cancer cell line, HeLa (1), thousands of cell lines representing most of the spectrum of human cancer have been derived. These have provided tools to study in depth the biochemistry and molecular biology associated with individual cancer types and have helped enormously in our understanding of normal as well as cancer cell physiology.

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  • As a result of researches in the field of Babylonian-Assyrian divination, now extending over a number of years[1], it may be definitely said that apart from the large class of miscellaneous omens[2], the Babylonians and Assyrians developed chiefly three methods of divination into more or less elaborate systems--divination through the inspection of the liver of a sacrificial animal or Hepatoscopy, through the observation of the movements in the heavens or Astrology, (chiefly directed to the moon and the planets but also to the sun and the prominent stars and constellations), and through...

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  • he specific country cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems, but also in integrating gender aspects in research, policy and practice. The very definitions of health, illness and health related social problems are different. If networks focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness, the necessity for transnational communication is evident.

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  • There is no unique definition among investors of what green investing entails. However, for the purpose of this paper, „green‟ investments refer broadly to low carbon and climate resilient investments made in companies, projects and financial instruments that operate primarily in the renewable energy, clean technology, environmental technology or sustainability related markets as well as those investments that are climate change specific.

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  • These definitions are placed in the historical order of their appearance in the language. So the earliest use of a handbookwas as a set of instructions which members of particular occupations kept at hand in order to be able to refer to them when they were uncertain of how to tackle a problem at work. The most recent definition, by way of contrast, refers to a scholarly book consisting of separate essays or articles.

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  • International networking for language education The Languages Foundation invites project proposals from groups interested in and able to promote international exchanges between schools, using Internet resources. The projects should contribute to the enhancement of language learning, especially in lesser-used languages and to increased awareness of other cultures. Project proposals should contain full details of the objectives of the project, the qualifications and experience of those carrying it out and the resources needed.

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  • This entry establishes the cost of the investment to LeBlanc, and will be the carrying value of the investment. Changes in the value of the U.S. dollar in subsequent reporting periods are irrelevant to the cost of an equity investment. For debt instruments, the issue is a bit more complicated. Debt instruments, by definition, are payable in a given amount of currency.When the debt is stated or denominated in a cur- rency other than the investor’s reporting currency, the equivalent value of the instrument in the reporting currency changes as the exchange rate changes.

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  • The analysis is based on a comprehensive data-set covering all limited firms in Sweden during the period 1997-2005. HGFs are defined as the one percent fastest growing firms in the population. The population is continuing firms, i.e., firms existing throughout a particular time period. Firm growth is calculated over three, five and seven years. The total growth of firms is studied, i.e., the sum of organic and acquired growth. In general, the correlation between the nine groups of HGFs is low, suggesting that different firms are included among HGFs depending on definition.

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  • Some people date below their own standards for various reasons, whether because of some insecurities or self-hatred, and they settle for someone who does them no favors, someone who is the definition of disrespect and even abuse. People also settle for less because they’re intent on finding the ideal mate.

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  • This article discusses how the flux of cultural productions between centre and periphery works, taking as an example the field of music production in France and Brazil in the 1920s. The life trajectories of Jean Cocteau, French poet and painter, and Heitor Villa-Lobos, a Brazilian composer, are taken as the main reference points for the discussion.

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  • The definition of gender roles is so central in Afghan society and culture, that any perceived or planned changes require consultations not only with the household but also with the larger community. Men and women to a large extent share the same cultural ethos and values, including their conception of gender roles, and they seek to validate these within their communities. Years of turmoil have furthermore left communities to their own devices, strengthening the inherent distrust of external authorities and increased reliance upon conservative values.

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  • We see this report as a starting point for debate on how best to promote greater creativity and design across UK businesses and Government. More work is needed on definition and measurement, including internationally, if we are to track the UK’s progress in these important areas in the future. Given the novelty and complexity of the issues involved, we have drawn heavily on five specially commissioned papers by leading academics in this field. We are grateful to colleagues from HM Treasury, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Design Council for contributing to our report....

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  • In dealing with slang from all seven continents, we encountered more than a few culture-specific terms. For such terms, we identify the domain or geographic location of the term's usage. We use conventional English in the definitions, turning to slang only when it is both substantially more economical than the use of convention-al English and is readily understood by the average reader.

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  • Two distinct notions of closure, and relatedly, of unity, might be invoked in aesthetic contexts. The weak notion of closure is that of boundedness: an entity with clear limits separating it from other entities is, in this sense, closed. This sense of closure comes to mind when Dewey mentions, of mere experience, that its elements ‘are neither definitely included nor decisively excluded’ (p. 40).

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  • For many years, under the definition of Communication for Development, FAO has emphasized the critical role that participatory communication plays in involving communities in rural development. Such a commitment to genuine participation requires openness to the different ways of understanding and resolving problems that emerge from the cultural, economic and agroecological realities of the communities involved.

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  • Diagnosis The primary goal of diagnostic testing is to separate acute streptococcal pharyngitis from pharyngitis of other etiologies (particularly viral) so that antibiotics can be prescribed more efficiently for patients to whom they may be beneficial. The most appropriate standard for the diagnosis of streptococcal pharyngitis, however, has not been definitively established. Throat swab culture is generally regarded as such.

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  •  Less than 3 decades ago, Robin Warren and Barry Marshall definitively identified Helicobacter pylori by culturing an organism from gastric biopsy specimens that had been visualized for almost a century by pathologists (196). In 1994, H. pylori was recognized as a type I carcinogen, and now it is considered the most common etiologic agent of infection-related cancers, which represent 5.5% of the global cancer burden (239). In 2005, Marshall and Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize of Medicine for their seminal discovery of this bacterium and its role in peptic ulcer disease

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  • As the modern era has ended formal assimilation policies and introduced multicultural policies that support Indigenous traditionalism, an interesting challenge is now faced by Indigenous Peoples, the institutionalization of tradition! (RCAP, 1996; Waldrum, 1997; Frideres, 1993). The fact that government agencies “support” the revitalization of Aboriginal “culture and heritage” creates the need to analyze what kind of impact these new policies will have on specific areas, most critically, traditional medicine.

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