Curve shortening

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  • We study “flat knot types” of geodesics on compact surfaces M 2 . For every flat knot type and any Riemannian metric g we introduce a Conley index associated with the curve shortening flow on the space of immersed curves on M 2 . We conclude existence of closed geodesics with prescribed flat knot types, provided the associated Conley index is nontrivial. 1. Introduction If M is a surface with a Riemannian metric g then closed geodesics on (M, g) are critical points of the length functional L(γ) = |γ (x)|dx defined on the space of unparametrized C...

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  • Query simplifies building rich, interactive web frontends. Getting started with this JavaScript library is easy, but it can take years to fully realize its breadth and depth; this cookbook shortens the learning curve considerably. With these recipes, you'll learn patterns and practices from 19 leading developers who use jQuery for everything from integrating simple components into websites and applications to developing complex, high-performance user interfaces.

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  • Working with data and databases in C# certainly can be daunting if you're coming from VB6, VBA, or Access. With this hands-on guide, you'll shorten the learning curve considerably as you master accessing, adding, updating, and deleting data with C#-basic skills you need if you intend to program with this language. No previous knowledge of C# is necessary. By following the examples in this book, you'll learn how to tackle several database tasks in C#, such as working with SQL Server, building data entry forms, and using data in a web service. The book's code samples will help you get started...

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  • The bones lose calcium and other minerals especially in women after menopause. The trunk becomes shorter as the gel-like cushions or intervertebral disks, between each spine bone (vertebrae) gradually lose fluid and become thinner along with gradual loss of mineral content of vertebrae itself, making each vertebra thinner. As a result, the spinal column becomes curved and compressed (packed together). The foot arches become less pronounced, contributing to a slight loss of height. The arms and legs look longer when compared with the shortened trunk.

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