Cutting aluminum

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  • CHAPTER 3 ALUMINUM AND ITS ALLOYS Seymour G. Epstein J. G. Kaufman Peter Pollak The Aluminum Association, Inc. Washington, D.C. 3.1 INTRODUCTION 3.2 PROPERTIESOFALUMINUM 3.3 ALUMINUMALLOYS 45 45 46 3.4 ALLOYDESIGNATIONSYSTEMS 46 3.5 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF ALUMINUM ALLOYS 3.6 WORKINGSTRESSES 3.7 CHARACTERISTICS 3.7.1 Resistance to General Corrosion 3.7.2 Workability 3.7.3 Weldability and Brazeability 3.8 TYPICAL APPLICATIONS 3.9 MACHININGALUMINUM 48 49 51 51 51 51 52 53 3.9.1 Cutting Tools 3.9.2 Single-Point Tool Operations 3.9.3 Multipoint Tool Operations 3.10 CORROSION BEHAVIOR 3.10.

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  • ADC’s FL1000-K is designed for use in environmentally unfriendly locations. The wall mount box is classified as a NEMA 4x, ideal for manufacturing environments that have airborne particles. The box is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum and painted with a faderesistant finish. Four 1-inch holes are equipped with hole plugs factory-installed, eliminating the need for the craftsperson to cut any entry or exit holes in the box

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