Cybersecurity considerations

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  • Because of the fast-evolving nature of technology and the issues and opportunities faced by public-sector managers as they wrestle with the information age, it is perhaps not surprising that this second edition of the Handbook of Public Information Systems contains approximately two thirds new material, including a whole new section on e-government. I wish to thank all those in government service, schools of public administration, and elsewhere who contributed to this volume, either directly or as reviewers.

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  • CSIA priorities are organized into four thrusts according to the 2011 Federal Cybersecurity R&D Strategic Plan, “Inducing Change, Developing Scientific Foundations, Maximizing Research Impact, and Accelerating Transition to Practice.” These thrusts provide a framework for prioritizing cybersecurity research and development that focuses on limiting current cyberspace deficiencies, precluding future problems, and expediting the infusion of research accomplishments into the marketplace.

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  • Cybersecurity is a complex set of issues involving legal, economic, and national security considerations. In the House, at least nine committees have some significant jurisdictional claim on cyber issues. In May, the White House submitted its legislative language for discussion. The Senate has attempted to construct a comprehensive cyber bill for the last two consecutive congresses. Given the difficulties, it is reasonable to ask why the House should devote time and energy to an issue that is not at the top of the public’s expressed priorities. ...

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