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  • Dashboards have become popular in recent years as uniquely powerful tools for communicating important information at a glance. Although dashboards are potentially powerful, this potential is rarely realized. The greatest display technology in the world won't solve this if you fail to use effective visual design. And if a dashboard fails to tell you precisely what you need to know in an instant, you'll never use it, even if it's filled with cute gauges, meters, and traffic lights. Don't let your investment in dashboard technology go to waste. ...

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  • This cookbook full of practical and applicable recipes will enable you to use the full latest capabilities of Dashboard Design to visually transform your business data. A wide range of recipes will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to perform tasks like configuring charts, creating drill- downs, making component colors dynamic, using alerts in maps, building pop-up screens, setting up What-If scenarios, and many more.

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  • Stephen Few has over 20 years of experience as an IT innovator, consultant, and educator. Today, as  Principal of the consultancy Perceptual Edge, Stephen focuses on data visualization for analyzing and  communicating quantitative business information. He is working to raise consciousness and to provide a  treatment plan that addresses the needs of business in the language of business.

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  • The only Oracle Press guide to planning, designing, configuring, and implementing custom dashboards within Oracle CRM On Demand Written by a renowned expert on the topic, Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards provides you with a detailed and methodical explanation of the Dashboard functionality available within Oracle CRM On Demand. This book describes what makes a dashboard effective, shares strategies for dashboard design, explains the entire process for developing dashboards, and discusses the most effective ways to implement dashboards for end users.

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  • So far, personal-scale knitting and sewing machines continue to be manufactured and sold by large, established companies such as Singer and Brother. Singer’s venture into automated, personal-scale sewing machines bills itself as “SINGER® Futura.™ The first sewing and embroidery machine that uses a personal computer to power the embroidery features.”4 Brother’s entry into automated home sewing and embroidery is more ambitious. Brother offers five models that all have a USB port so users can import designs from their computer.

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  • AutoCAD 3D Tutorials autoCAD is a computer aided drafting software package used by millions of professionals for 3D modeling, architectural design, engineering plans, and more. Learn how to use this software effectively and create drawings that you never knew you could.

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  • OpenStack is an open source software for building public and private clouds, born from Rackspace and NASA. It is now a global success and is developed and supported by scores of people around the globe and backed by some of the leading players in the cloud space today. This book is specifically designed to quickly help you get up to speed with OpenStack and give you the confidence and understanding to roll it out into your own datacenters.

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