Dead world

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  • … although the most recent star to die, RNAC 89778 in the distant Menelaus galaxy (common name, Menelaus XII), had eight inhabited planets, only some one thousand people of the fifth planet escaped and survived as a result of a computer error which miscalculated the exact time by two years. Due to basic psycho-philo maladjustments the refugees of Menelaus XII-5 are classified as anti-social-types-B-6 and must be considered unstable. All anti-social-types-B-6 are barred from responsible positions in United Galaxies by order of the Inter-Galactic Council.

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  • Geoffrey Haversill stared at the monitors showing Hristo Gruev and wondered what the hell was keeping the man alive. He had had nothing to eat or drink since being brought to the Centers for Disease Control’s headquarters a week ago, and the man had not died. Hristo Gruev wasn’t alive, either, not in any sense of the word that Haversill was familiar. But there Gruev was, on camera, swaying from side to side as if he were a blind man passing time listening to the rhythm of the world.

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  • It is imperative that now at once, while these stupendous events are still clear in my mind, I should set them down with that exactness of detail which time may blur. But even as I do so, I am overwhelmed by the wonder of the fact that it should be our little group of the "Lost World"—Professor Challenger, Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton, and myself—who have passed through this amazing experience.

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  • He had done many things in the world—he had done almost all but one: he had never, never forgotten. He had tried to put into his existence whatever else might take up room in it, but had failed to make it more than a house of which the mistress was eternally absent.

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  • Publishing is Dead. Books are Dead. But it doesn’t matter, because no one is reading anyway. This dissertation is a study of the paradigm shift of books into a digital world. It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both digital and printed literature. The publishing houses that produce this literature are undergoing significant changes and so that to has been considered in the discussion. The opportunities for further development of both mediums are examined. The question of whether the changes are being pushed by investment of...

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  • My collaborating authors and I have, from the very beginning of this project, struggled with the question of who is our audience and who might benefit from the lessons that one can glean from such a story of one company.

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  • The Pacific Ocean isn’t just the deepest and largest ocean. It is also home to one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef. Located off of the northeastern coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is 210 separate coral reefs that stretch for more than 1,260 miles (2,028 kilometers) around northern Australia. Th e Great Barrier Reef is full of some of the most amazing, beautiful, and deadly sea creatures on the planet, including the Irukandji jellyfi sh and the great white shark....

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  • Once an idealistic lawyer, Tom Byrne will work for anyone now, if the money’s right. An official at the United Nations needs him to placate the family of a harmless old man mistaken for a suicide bomber and shot to death by UN Security. But Byrne soon discovers this victim was not quite as innocent as he appeared to be. Together with the dead man’s daughter, Byrne uncovers the existence of a clandestine brotherhood responsible for hundreds of unexplained deaths worldwide. Now Tom is a marked man—a target of assassins who will destroy him for what he’s learned—as he races to...

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  • Having been asked, year after year, by the members of my Class for Operative Surgery, to recommend to them some Manual of Surgical Operations which might at once guide them in their choice of operations, and give minute details as to the mode of performance, I have been gradually led to undertake the production of this little work. My aim has been to describe as simply as possible those operations which are most likely to prove useful, and especially those which, from their nature, admit of being practised on the dead body.

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  • Whatever value this publication may have, lies in the fact that it offers a typical case--a small cross section of the army that freed the slave and saved the Union. The Editor of the Commission's publications has asked me to state briefly something about myself. I am one of the multitude of "hyphenated" Americans, born across the water but reared under the flag. I am a Cambro-American, proud of both designations, and with abundant heart, loyalty, and perhaps too much head pride in both.

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  • It was my original intention to write a biography of Alexander Hamilton in a more flexible manner than is customary with that method of reintroducing the dead to the living, but without impinging upon the territory of fiction.

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  • Fyodor Volkov had everything in the world he had ever wanted, and it meant absolutely nothing. It was worth nothing, too. Mostly, anyway. He had spent twenty years climbing to the top of his ... field ... and now that success was rendered moot. He was busy surviving from day to day just like everyone else, foraging for food and water, avoiding military patrols and killing zombies. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling in the darkness of the bedroom. Fyodor had no idea what time it was, the clocks on the various pieces of electronics had stopped...

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  • Between the private coaching I used to run, my original Day Trading Freedom course, and my best-selling book How To Day Trade Stocks For Profit along with my more recent forex book, I have taught traders from all over the world. Whilst many of my students have never traded before, there are many more who come to me having some experience, but who for one reason or another are not profitable in their trading. What is it that makes one person profitable while another person of similar background, intelligence, and motivation, is unable to make money from the markets?...

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  • Companies today face a dilemma in marketing. The tried-and-true formulas to create sales and market share behind brands are becoming irrelevant and losing traction with consumers. In this book, Gerzema and LeBar offer credible evidence--drawn from a detailed analysis of a decade's worth of brand and financial data using Y&R's Brand Asset Valuator (BAV), the largest database of brands in the world--that business is riding on yet another bubble that is ready to burst--a brand bubble.

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  • In this stunning follow-up to the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown demonstrates once again why he is the world’s most popular thriller writer. The Lost Symbol is a masterstroke of storytelling that finds famed symbologist Robert Langdon in a deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths . . . all under the watchful eye of Brown’s most terrifying villain to date. Set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol is an intelligent, lightning-paced story with surprises at every turn.

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  • Why read this chapter? Perhaps out of curiosity about the World Wide Web. What if we could offer you a way to get better results in your job, tackle new projects without extensive gear-up time, and avoid costly dead

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  • Ted Striphas argues that, although the production and propagation of books have undoubtedly entered a new phase, printed works are still very much a part of our everyday lives. With examples from trade journals, news media, films, advertisements, and a host of other commercial and scholarly materials, Striphas tells a story of modern publishing that proves, even in a rapidly digitizing world, books are anything but dead.

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  • Philip II succeeded his father Charles V on the throne of Spain. The vast extent of his domains, the absoluteness of his authority, and, above all, the enormous wealth that poured into his coffers from the Spanish conquests in America, made him the most powerful monarch of his time, the central figure of the age. It was largely because of Philip's personal character that the great religious struggle of the Reformation entered upon a new phase, became far more sinister, more black and deadly, extended over all Europe, and bathed the civilized world in blood.

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  • dead set against (something) - to be determined not to do something The parents are dead set against their son going to Europe for a year. dead tired - to be very tired, to be exhausted I was dead tired so I went to bed when I got home. dead to the world - to be sleeping soundly The little boy was dead to the world when his father took him out of the car. dead wrong - to be totally wrong I was dead wrong in my calculations to build the table. deadbeat - a person who never pays his debts There is a new government policy to...

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  • For millennia, advances in human progress have been tied to our ability to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the wastes we produce—ranging from human waste to the organic and inorganic by-products of everyday living. Across the world, cultures learned to bury their dead away from their homes and to burn their waste or make certain that it was carried away by streams and rivers flowing downstream from their homes. Those cultures that learned this most effectively thrived. When the industrial revolution took place in the nineteenth century, rivers again enabled progress.

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