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  • This  paper  discusses  debris  and  mud  flash  flood,  which  is  a  widespread  phenomenon  with different levels of damaging effects and repetition in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. There  are some sites where the flash flood with severe debris components has recurred many times and it  has  always  caused  heavy  loss  of  human  and  materials,  such  as  Lay  Nua  Commune,  the  Former 

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  • This work collects the recent papers discussed in the International Workshop on Debris Flows held in Kagoshima, Japan, in 1993, in response to the Inter- national Decade of Natural Disaster Reduction Program. Although the debris flow was called as a shadowy disaster about thirty years ago which often killed a few hundreds people, the recent studies are going to clarify the mechanism of the flow and ...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp đề tài: Coarse woody debris carbon stocks in natural spruce forests of Babia hora...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp đề tài: Characteristics of coarse woody debris in successional stages of natural beech (Fagus orientalis) forests of Northern Iran...

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  • A Abatement: Reducing the degree or intensity of, or eliminating, pollution. Abatement Debris: Waste from remediation activities. Absorbed Dose: In exposure assessment, the amount of a substance that penetrates an exposed organism's absorption barriers (e.g.,, skin, lung tissue, gastrointestinal tract) through physical or biological processes. The term is synonymous with internal dose. Absorption Barrier: Any of the exchange sites of the body that permit uptake of various substances at different rates (e.g., skin, lung tissue, and gastrointestinal-tract wall).

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  • Q úDaố tcr ìlàn hh ìdnhố cd:ạng thông thường nhất của cảnh quan, địa hình. Vật chất trong phần lớn các dốc luôn di chuyển xuống với tốc độ khác nhau từ không thể cảm nhận đất đá đến sạt lỡ ầm ầm với 1 tốc độ dữ dội.D c có 4 thành ph ố ần: • Dốc lồi ( a convex slope) hay đỉnh (crest) • Mặt gần như thẳng đứng – free- face (vách đá) • Mảnh vỡ dốc ( a debris slope) ở khoảng chừng 30 đến 35o • Dốc thấp lõm ( a concave slope) hay wash slope.

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  • Dốc là hình dạng thông thường nhất của cảnh quan, địa hình. Vật chất trong phần lớn các dốc luôn di chuyển xuống với tốc độ khác nhau từ không thể cảm nhận đất đá đến sạt lỡ ầm ầm với 1 tốc độ dữ dội. Dốc có 4 thành phần: dốc lồi ( a convex slope) hay đỉnh (crest), mặt gần như thẳng đứng – free- face (vách đá), mảnh vỡ dốc ( a debris slope) ở khoảng chừng 30 đến 35o và dốc thấp lõm ( a concave slope) hay wash slope.

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  • This work shall consist of clearing, grubbing, removing of top soil and removing and disposing of all vegetation and debris within the limits except such objects as are designated to remain in place or are to be removed in accordance with other Specification sections.

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  • take steps to resume operations. • Establish a recovery team, if necessary. Establish priorities for resuming operations. • Continue to ensure the safety of personnel on the property. Assess remaining hazards. Maintain security at the incident scene. • Conduct an employee briefing. • Keep detailed records. Consider audio recording all decisions. Take photographs of or videotape the damage. • Account for all damage-related costs. Establish special job order numbers and charge codes for purchases and repair work. • Follow notification procedures.

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  • References Abbe, T. B. and D. R. Montgomery. 1996. Large woody debris jams, channel hydraulics and habitat formation in large rivers. Regulated Rivers: Research and Management. Abbey, E. 1975. The Monkey Wrench Gang. Avon Books, New York. Abbott, W. 1966. Microcosm studies on estuarine waters. I. The replicability of microcosms.

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  • An extrasolar planet or exoplanet is a planet orbiting a star (or remnant of a star) beyond our Solar System. As of autumn 2007, about 250 exoplanets had been discovered around 220 different stars, including nearly two dozen multiple planet systems. No less than five exoplanets have been discovered orbiting the star 55 Cancri; one of the planets has nearly four times the mass of Jupiter, another is comparable with Jupiter in mass, two are slightly less massive than Saturn, while the innermost planet has a mass similar to that of Uranus....

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  • Diseases of the Tongue See Table 32-4.

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  • Postchemotherapy Surgery Resection of residual metastases after the completion of chemotherapy is an integral part of therapy. If the initial histology is nonseminoma and the marker values have normalized, all sites of residual disease should be resected. In general, residual retroperitoneal disease requires a modified bilateral RPLND. Thoracotomy (unilateral or bilateral) and neck dissection are less frequently required to remove residual mediastinal, pulmonary parenchymal, or cervical nodal disease.

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  • The movement of vehicles on the street also results in resuspension of road dust. Emissions also occur as a result of tyre wear and brake lining wear. Although there is a lack of data, it is expected that most of these particles will be in the size range 3 to some 30µm. The chemical composition of these particles may also be very different from those derived from combustion. The road dust deposit available for resuspension comes from mechanical wear of, and dirt on, vehicles (incl. tyre and brake lining wear), debris from loads on vehicles, influx of soil material etc.

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  • During treatments it is important to regularly clean the handpiece. When the hair shaft carbonizes, it leaves debris on the sapphire window. This build up can make it hot and can make it difficult for the laser light to penetrate. Cleaning the ChillTip handpiece with alcohol prevents this barrier from forming. There is a small but real risk of infection because the hand- piece is in direct contact with the skin. Therefore, between patients the handpiece should be disinfected with a liquid disinfectant such as Virex....

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  • All listed drugs are U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved, but most are not approved for the treatment of vertigo. b Usual oral (unless otherwise stated) starting dose in adults; maintenance dose can be reached by a gradual increase. c For acute vertigo only. d For motion sickness only. e For benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. f For vertigo other than Ménière's and positional. g For Ménière's disease. h For migraine-associated vertigo (see Chap. 15 for a listing of prophylactic antimigrainous drugs).

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  • Three distinct sequential cellular responses characterise the reaction of the adult spinal cord and brain to injury. An acute haemorrhagic phase immediately ensues after wounding, in which haematogenous cells flood the lesion site. This is followed by a subacute period during which macrophages clear necrotic debris, glial cell reactions are mobilised, the clot becomes organised, and scarring is initiated. Finally, the scar tissue contracts during a consolidation phase .

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  • In response to the need for an all encompassing treatment device to deal with trash, debris (organic and non organic) solids, sediment, total suspended solids (“TSS”), metals (dissolved/particulate), nutrients (dissolved/particulate), oils, hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (“PAH”), and pathogenic bacterium contaminants, the City of Oceanside authorized the installation of the Modular Wetlands Device in April of 2008.

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  • Atkinson et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:29 CASE REPORT Case report Open Access Granuloma debridement and the use of an injectable calcium phosphate bone cement in the treatment of osteolysis in an uncemented total knee replacement Henry D Atkinson*1,2, Vijai S Ranawat1,2 and Roger D Oakeshott2 Abstract Polyethylene particulate debris-induced periprosthetic osteolysis is a known complication of knee arthroplasty surgery, and may result in the need for revision surgery.

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  • Forests cover about 30 percent of total land area, but they store about 50 percent of the Earth’s terrestrial carbon (1,150 GtC) in plant biomass, litter and debris, or in the soil. About 20 percent of total GHG emissions are caused by deforestation and land use changes but in tropical regions emissions attributable to land clearance are much higher, up to 40 percent of national totals. Reducing deforestation and degradation (REDD) is the forest mitigation option with the largest potential for maintaining carbon stocks in standing forests over the short term.

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