Declaration of faith

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  • Shalom is one of the most beautiful words in existence. It literally means “nothing missing, nothing broken.”1 It also means to be completely whole in every way. Shalom is perfect peace.2 Our Lord Jesus is the Prince of Shalom. (Isa. 9:6.) His greatest desire for you is that you live in health, prosperity, joy, and absolute fulfillment in every area of your life. If even a small part of your life is lacking any part of these, He feels it. You must realize that your Lord loves you with a perfect love. He cherishes every breath you take.

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  • The mark of our time is its revulsion against imposed patterns. We are suddenly eager to have things and people declare their beings totally. There is a deep faith to be found in this new attitude— a faith that concerns the ultimate harmony of all being. Such is the faith in which this book has been written. It explores the contours of our own extended beings in our technologies, seeking the principle of intelligibility in each of them. In the full confidence that it is possible to win an understanding of these forms that will bring them into orderly...

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  • Assumptions. We assume that the logs faithfully capture events and their causality in the system’s execution. For instance, if the log declares that event X happened before event Y, we assume that is indeed the case, as the system executes. We assume that the logs record each event’s timestamp with integrity, and as close in time (as possi- ble) to when the event actually occurred in the sequence of the system’s execution.

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  • "Christian" is capable of use in two senses, individual and political. We apply the words "Hindoo" and "Mahommedan" in these two senses also. A man who has been born and brought up in the environment of the Hindoo or Mahommedan religions, and who has not avowed some other form of faith, but has yielded at least an outward allegiance to these forms, we declare to be a man of one or the other faith. Moreover, we judge of his religion by the fruits of it in his moral character. Just so, every European or American who has not openly disavowed the Christian religion for some...

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  • The autumn of the year 1803 was one of the finest in the early part of that period of the present century which we now call "Empire." Rain had refreshed the earth during the month of October, so that the trees were still green and leafy in November. The French people were beginning to put faith in a secret understanding between the skies and Bonaparte, then declared Consul for life,--a belief in which that man owes part of his prestige; strange to say, on the day the sun failed him, in 1812, his luck ceased!...

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