Decreasing depth

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  • Having already forged relationships with numerous Romanian celebrities for other accounts, Roberts was able to convince a number of them to join forces and write a song on the subject of HIV/AIDS. The song quickly became a national hit. Simultaneously, Roberts and Holscher sent a corps of peer educators dubbed the “Love Police” onto the beaches of the Black Sea to approach young people and issue fake “citations” to those not carrying condoms. The program created buzz and substantially decreased stigma and fear around condom use.

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  • The fear of pain after surgery is a common concern for a woman and her partner. After surgery there may still be pain and discomfort, in addition to fatigue that can interfere with sexual pleasure. Finding a comfortable position to reduce discomfort is important. Some recommendations are positioning the woman on top or in a side-lying position to control depth of penetration, and decrease abdominal discomfort at the incision site. Placing pillows under the knees or behind the small of the back may increase comfort.

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  • This paper is devoted to the development of a new lead acid battery electrolyte formulation for cycling applications, especially for renewable energy markets in developing countries. These emerging markets, such as solar home systems, require lead acid batteries at very low prices and improved performances compared to automotive batteries produced locally. The new acid formulation developed is a mixture of sulphuric acid, liquid colloidal silica and other additives including phosphoric acid.

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