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  • The effective application of Markov chains has been paid much attention, and it has raised a lot of theoretical and applied problems. In this paper, we would like to approach one of these problems which is finding the long-run behavior of extremely huge-state Markov chains according to the direction of investigating the structure of Markov Graph to reduce complexity of computation. We focus on the way to access to the finite-state Markov chain theory via Graph theory.

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  • .“How to Hire a Champion is highly accessible and thought provoking. It has the uncanny power of putting the reader in multiple positions—that of candidate, hiring manager, CEO, and coworker—so as to provide 360 degree insight into the optimal hiring process. Moreover, its emphasis on character, self-competition, and persistence raise it to another level—one of guidance and inspiration for the same 360 degree set of individuals. It is a book to be read again for its deeper meanings. I recommend it to all and especially to my children.” —Peter C.

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  • This is due to the fact that in green leaves, the chlorophylls and carotenoids have a broad absorption band in the 400-500 nm spectral region and blue light does not penetrate very deeply into the leaf tissue, and as a result the fluorescence associated to blue light excitation is mainly generated in the green mesophyll cells close to the leaf`s surface, therefore little absorption occurs.

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