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  • There are many words and ideas used to describe and define working with people with a disability. As a result, people from non-English speaking backgrounds who need information in community languages experience two main barriers. The first is that some translations are wrong, unclear or refer to disability in negative ways.

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  • A term-list is a list of content words that characterize a consistent text or a concept. This paper presents a new method for translating a term-list by using a corpus in the target language. The method first retrieves alternative translations for each input word from a bilingual dictionary. It then determines the most 'coherent' combination of alternative translations, where the coherence of a set of words is defined as the proximity among multi-dimensional vectors produced from the words on the basis of co-occurrence statistics. ...

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  • The Layered Domain Class system (LDC) is an experimental natural language processor being developed at Duke University which reached the prototype stage in M a y of 1983. Its primary goals are (I) to provide English-language retrieval capabilities for structured but unnormaUzed data files created by the user, (2) to allow very complex semantics, in terms of the information directly available from the physical data file; and (3) to enable users to customize the system to operate with new types of data. In this paper we shall discuss (a) the types of modifiers LDC provides for; (b) h o...

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  • The paper introduces a grammar formalism for defining the set of sentences in a language, a set of labeled trees (not the derivation trees of the grammar) for the representation of the interpretation of the sentences, and the (possibly non-projective) correspondence between subtrees of each tree and substrings of the related sentence. The grammar formalism is motivated by the linguistic approach (adopted at GETA) where a multilevel interpretative structure is associated to a sentence.

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  • Chapter 15: Short-term scheduling. When you complete this chapter you should be able to: Explain the relationship between short-term scheduling, capacity planning, aggregate planning, and a master schedule; draw Gantt loading and scheduling charts; apply the assignment method for loading jobs; name and describe each of the priority sequencing rules; use Johnson’s rule; define finite capacity scheduling; use the cyclical scheduling technique.

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  • How market interest rates respond to Federal Reserve actions is a topic of great interest to financial market participants and policymakers alike. Bondholders, naturally, are concerned with the effects of Fed policy on bond prices. And because the first link in the transmission of Federal Reserve policy is from the Fed funds target to other interest rates, the issue is an important one for assessing the likely effectiveness of monetary policy.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Define liquid assets, distinguish between liquidity management and treasury management, identify the motives for holding liquid assets, prepare a cash budget, apply cash management models,...and other contents.

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  • This quick-reference dictionary for math students, teachers, engineers, and statisticians defines more than 700 terms related to algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, logic, and calculus.

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  • The book "Dictionary of mathematics terms" also lists and defines mathematical symbols, includes a brief table of integrals, and describes how to derive key theorems. Filled with illustrative diagrams and equations.

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  • Chapters 1 through 3 focus on the concept of CRM. Chapter 1 defines what CRM means in today’s business environment and why only organizations with clear and effective CRM strategies are destined for long-term success. Chapter 2 introduces the Customer Service/Sales Profile model, a brand new tool for understanding the dynamic relationship between stand-alone service transactions, repeat customers, and the creation of wonderful customer advocates who love to spread the good word about you and your products and services.

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  • Achieving state-of-the-art excellence and attaining the cost reductions associated with outstanding logistics efforts is an obvious gain in terms of competitive edge and profitability. As logistics tools evolve in comprehensiveness and complexity, and the use of these new tools becomes more pervasive, maintaining a position of leadership in logistics functions also becomes increasingly difficult. And in spite of its importance not only to the bottom line but also to the functionality of your operations, logistics improvement often lags industry requirements....

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  • The money market is traditionally defined as the market for financial assets that have original maturities of one year or less. In essence, it is the market for short-term debt instruments. Financial assets traded in this market include such instruments as U.S. Treasury bills, commercial paper, some medium-term notes, bankers acceptances, federal agency discount paper, most certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements, floating-rate agreements, and federal funds.

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  • THIS CHAPTER explains how to analyze and get ready for a term paper assignment. You will learn to define a topic, develop a thesis statement, prepare an organization plan, and identify the need for specific information.

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  • The tallness of a building is relative and can not be defined in absolute terms either in relation to height or the number of stories. But, from a structural engineer's point of view the tall building or multi-storeyed building can be defined as one that, by virtue of its height, is affected by lateral forces due to wind or earthquake or both to an extent that they play an important role in the structural design. Tall structures have fascinated mankind from the beginning of civilisation.

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  • Introduction to TCP/IP Networking Network Model TCP/IP Terms Host Names Internet Addresses Subnet Addresses Internet Addresses to host name mapping Quiz# 1 Routing TCP/IP Daemons TCP/IP Information files TCP/IP Local Information files ifconfig mkhosts route Quiz# 2 TCP installed links Internet Services Common internet services error messages Trouble shooting commands ping netstat Trouble shooting Techniques Introduction to TCP/IP .

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  • On a warm autumn day in 1962, a young chief executive stood before a large assembly and introduced a long-term, daring mission for his enterprise. It was both terrifying and inspiring. To many, successfully completing the mission seemed an impossible task..Leveraging Technology to Execute Winning Strategies

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  • The long-term approach to achieving protection is “ecological separation.” A true ecological separation is defined as no inter-basin transfer of aquatic organisms via the Chicago Waterway System at any time – 100% effectiveness. Ecological separation prohibits the movement or interbasin transfer of aquatic organisms between the Mississippi and Great Lakes basins via the CWS. Once established, the impacts of invasive species on ecosystem health are permanent and irreversible.

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  • Today, greater emphasis is being placed on a component’s ‘machinability’ , but this term is an ambiguous one, having a variety of different meanings, depending upon the production engineer’s requirements. In fact, the machinability expression does not have an authoritative definition, despite the fact that it has been used for decades. In 1938, Ernst in his book on the ‘Physics of Metal Cutting’ , defined machinability in the following manner: ‘As a complex physical property of a metal...

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  • Some terms, which will be repeated throughout this book, shall be defined more precisely: . . . . ‘‘Portable batteries’’ are understood to be all kinds of electrochemical energy-storing devices used in portable appliances regardless of whether they are rechargeable or not. Non-rechargeable batteries are called primary cells (batteries) or dry cells (batteries). Rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries or accumulators. Also the terms ‘‘galvanic primary’’ and ‘‘galvanic secondary’’ cells are common. ...

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  • Soil provides a list of services to all users of terrestrial ecosystems and is crucial to our agricultural societies. From an anthropogenic point of view, soil quality may be then measured in terms of the services the soil provides to our society. The value of soil services to human societies has changed during history and thus the value we give to soils has also changed over time as it depends upon the economic and cultural basis of a society for a given context. While throughout history human awareness of the soil services has been mainly reduced to food, fibre and...

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