Dependency properties

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  • Abstract: In this note, we provided an improved way of constructing a LyapunovKrasovskii functional for a linear time delay system. This technique is based on the reformulation of the original system and a discretization scheme of the delay. A hierarchy of Linear Matrix Inequality based results with increasing number of variables is given and is proved to have convergence properties in terms of conservatism reduction.

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  • Nanoscience has emerged to become one of the most exciting areas of research today and has attracted the imagination of a large body of students, scientists, and engineers. The various kinds of nanomaterials that one normally deals with are the zero-dimensional nanocrystals, one-dimensional nanowires and nanotubes, and two-dimensional nanofilms and nanowalls. Of these, one of the earliest research investigations pertains to nanocrystals. It is truly remarkable that Michael Faraday made nanocrystals of gold and other metals in solution way back in 1857.

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  • Relation Decomposition and Insufficiency of Normal Forms (cont.): Attribute preservation condition: Each attribute in R will appear in at least one relation schema Ri in the decomposition so that no attributes are “lost”. Another goal of decomposition is to have each individual relation Ri in the decomposition D be in BCNF or 3NF. Additional properties of decomposition are needed to prevent from generating spurious tuples

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  • Intellectual Property (IP) is society’s recognition of intellectual efforts. It is a monopoly granted in exchange for the contribution of intellectual creations to the society. It is an intangible property. The use of IP by a third party does not deprive the owner of his right of enjoyment. As such, an IP right is a right to restrain others from using that right. The extent of this right is dependent upon the scope of the ability granted by the law to restrain its use. The wider the scope given, the greater the monopoly an...

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  • There is increasing recognition of the fact that the entire range of dependencies that transformational grammars in their various incarnations h a v e t r i e d t o a c c o u n t f o r c a n be satisfactorily captured by classes of rules that are non-transformational and at the same Clme highly constrlaned in terms of the classes of grammars and languages that they define .

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  • Previous studies of data-driven dependency parsing have shown that the distribution of parsing errors are correlated with theoretical properties of the models used for learning and inference. In this paper, we show how these results can be exploited to improve parsing accuracy by integrating a graph-based and a transition-based model.

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  • Syntactic theories based on the concept of dependency have a long tradition. Tesni` re (Tesni` re, e e 1959) was the first who systematically described the sentence structure in terms of binary relations between words (dependencies), which form a dependency tree (D-tree for short). D-tree itself does not presume a linear order on words. However, any its surface realization projects some linear order relation (called also precedence).

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  • In Information Retrieval (IR) in general and Question Answering (QA) in particular, queries and relevant textual content often significantly differ in their properties and are therefore difficult to relate with traditional IR methods, e.g. key-word matching. In this paper we describe an algorithm that addresses this problem, but rather than looking at it on a term matching/term reformulation level, we focus on the syntactic differences between questions and relevant text passages.

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  • This work is concerned with the development of instruments for GB parsing. An alternative to the well known indexation system of (Chomsky, 1981) will be proposed and then used to formalize the view of Binding Theory in terms of the generation of constraints on the referential properties of the NPs of a sentence. Finally the problems of verification and satisfiability of BT will be addressed within the proposed framework.

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  • Polymers present a class of materials that play a role of importance growing in catalysis. Polymeric catalysts based on polypropylene-polyacrylic acid (PP-APA) were prepared by the two methods: co-polymerization in the presence of transition metal ions (Cu(II), Fe(III), Co(II), Mn(II)…) and soaking method. Their catalytic activity was determined by oxidation reactions of ions S2- and hydroquinone by molecular oxygen in normal condition.

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  • Information Extraction (IE) is a fundamental technology for NLP. Previous methods for IE were relying on co-occurrence relations, soft patterns and properties of the target (for example, syntactic role), which result in problems of handling paraphrasing and alignment of instances. Our system ARE (Anchor and Relation) is based on the dependency relation model and tackles these problems by unifying entities according to their dependency relations, which we found to provide more invariant relations between entities in many cases. ...

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  • Building on work detecting errors in dependency annotation, we set out to correct local dependency errors. To do this, we outline the properties of annotation errors that make the task challenging and their existence problematic for learning. For the task, we define a feature-based model that explicitly accounts for non-relations between words, and then use ambiguities from one model to constrain a second, more relaxed model. In this way, we are successfully able to correct many errors, in a way which is potentially applicable to dependency parsing more generally. ...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'biofuels an alternative to u s air force petroleum fuel dependency', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Purpose, object and scope of studying: Apply of q-deformed Fermi-Dirac statistics to research heat capacity and paramagnetic susceptibility of free electron gas in metals at low temperatures, formula of heat capacity and magnetic susceptibility from the free electron gas in a metal depends on q deformation

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  • The report proposes the concept of positive boolean dependency in the database model of block form, proving equivalent theorem of three derived types, necessary and sufficient criteria of the derived type, the member problem... In addition, some properties related to this concept in the case of block r degenerated into relation are also expressed and demonstrated here.

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  • In this paper, physico-chemical and mineralogical properties of fly ash from Pha Lai, Mong Duong and Ninh Binh thermal power stations were studied for ultilization to improve soil properties. Results shows that the properties of fly ash depend on the nature of parent coal, conditions of combustion, type of emission control devices, and storage and handling methods.

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  • The temperature dependent ultrasonic parameters like ultrasonic attenuation, acoustic coupling constant, ultrasonic Grüneisen parameter and ultrasonic velocity at room temperature have been computed for neptunium monopnictides (NpX, where X=N, P, As, Sb). For the evaluation of ultrasonic parameters, the higher order elastic constants have been found out using Coulomb and Born-Mayer potential up to second nearest neighbour in the temperature range 0-300K.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'pro wpf in c# 2010: windows presentation foundation in .net 4.0', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Mechanical properties of film coats Michael E.Aulton SUMMARY This chapter discusses the need for a film coat to possess the correct mechanical properties. One of the requirements of a film coat is that it should provide adequate protection to the dosage form. The capacity of the film coat to afford physical protection depends to a large extent on its mechanical characteristics. After considering those desirable properties, the chapter explains how to assess such properties. It also explains the need for a standardized approach to film preparation prior to testing.

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  • In this section, the hydrodynamics of a dual fluidized beds has been discussed using the almost similar system as described in (Loffler et al. 2003; Kaiser et al., 2003) except the mechanism for the solids transfer between the vessels. Loop seal device has been used in the studies described in (Loffler et al. 2003; Kaiser et al., 2003). In the current study, two L- valves, in place of loop seals, have been installed between the coupled reactors. The L-valves absorb a part of pressure that is built up due to static head of solids in the downcomer. Depending upon the pressure...

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