Deposits formation

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  • Formations of endogenous ore deposits and mineralization are widely distributed in Vietnam. Detailed studies allow for distinguishing 30 ore formations representing 9 groups of mineral raw - materials: Cr, Ti, Fe, Sn - W, Mo, Pb - Zn, Au, Sb - Hg. Three of presented formations are of magmatic affiliation, one is pegmatitic, three others belong to skarn mineralization and the remaining ones are of hydrothermal - volcanic and controversial origin. Three metallogenic epochs can be distinguished: Proterozoic, Palaeozoic and Mesozoic - Cainozoic.

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  • Hydrocarbons provide our core energy resource. Information on their origin, properties and phase behavior is interesting from the point of view of physical chemistry. At the same time this information is of great value to the oil and gas industry. The book "Hydrocarbon" is comprised of 9 chapters, covering different topics: from origin of hydrocarbons to the method for hydrocarbon exploration. Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil and their influence to environment are also discussed....

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  • In the vascular system, estrogen and serotonin have been shown to individually alter clotting, cholesterol, vasocon- striction, and heart attacks. Both high and low levels of E2 have been associated with increased risk of thromboem- bolism; high levels result in increased clot formation, while low levels result in slower clot breakdown. Unusu- ally high concentrations of estrogen (beyond normal physiological levels) directly increase the likelihood of clotting by increasing production of clotting factors VII through X in the liver [41].

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  • Writing has always been and will continue to be one of the essential skills for college readiness and success. Since its inception, the ACT® program has included a multiple- choice format English Test to measure students’ understanding of the skills necessary for effective writing. Beginning in February 2005, students taking the ACT also had the option of adding a 30-minute direct writing test to their examination.

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  • Deposit insurance clearly introduces a different treatment of (some) bank deposits with respect to all other financial activities where saving can be allocated. It has the consequence of putting in a situation of comparative disadvantage other financial intermediaries with respect to banks, and, inside the banking sector, it favours deposit collection vis a vis other bank liabilities. Deposit protection involves a typical problem of moral hazard, providing more incentives for bank managers to undertake risks.

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  • On the provider side, Beck, Demirguc-Kunt, and Martinez Peria collected indica- tors of financial outreach (such as number of bank branches and ATMs per capita and per square kilometer as well as the number of loan and deposit accounts per capita) from 99 country regulators for the first time in 2004. 12 These data were updated and expanded by the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) in 2008 and 2009 and by the International Monetary Fund in 2010. These data sets are important sources of basic cross-country indicators developed at a relatively low cost.

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  • Unlike stratospheric ozone that protects life on earth, tropospheric ozone is highly toxic and is the main pollutant of the atmosphere of industrialized countries and cities. Its precursors are emanated from industrial activities and traffic. Generated by lightning, photochemical reactions or with free radicals, it has a density of 1.66 times greater than air and is maintained close to the ground. It decomposes easily, generating free radicals with oxidizing power. The main primary pollutants leading to ozone formation are nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and methane.

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  • Botswana has some of the largest and most valuable diamond mines in the world, such as Jwaneng and Orapa, both of which started production in the early 1970s. The Botswana government has a 50 percent share of each mine. Diamond mining has given Botswana a tremendous boost. One of the poorest countries in the world when it gained independence, in 1966, Botswana today is among the richest in Africa, with diamond-related activities accounting for nearly one-third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Another interesting story lies in Australia.

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  • Conformational diseases constitute a group of heterologous disorders in which a constituent host protein undergoes changes in conformation, lead-ing to aggregation and deposition. To understand the molecular mecha-nisms of the process of amyloid fibril formation, numerousin vitro and in vivo studies, including model and pathologically relevant proteins, have been performed.

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  • Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an age-related, progressive degenerative dis-order that is characterized by synapse and neuron loss in the brain and the accumulation of protein-containing deposits (referred to as ‘senile plaques’) and neurofibrillary tangles. Insoluble amyloid b-peptide (Ab) fibrillar aggregates found in extracellular plaques have long been thought to cause the neurodegenerative cascades of AD.

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  • Th e security deposit consists of any money that the landlord holds as security to protect the landlord from unpaid rent or damage to the apartment. Th e tenant may not defeat the purpose of the deposit by using the deposit as the last month’s rent. Th e term “deposit money” includes damage deposits, security deposits, advanced rent, pet deposits, and any other contractual deposits agreed to by the landlord and tenant. (Fla. Stat. § 83.43(11)). Always get a receipt for the deposit, although you can simply write this into the lease....

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  • This paper provides an empirical investigation of the effect of deposit insurance and other institutional and economic variables on bank interest rates across countries. Hence, it adds to a starting but growing literature devoted to test different hypothesis regarding the effects of deposit insurance on the stability of the banking system, on market discipline, and on the development of large and efficient financial markets (see Demirguc-Kunt and Kane, 2002, for a survey).

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  • The government recognized most of its financial liabilities towards private depositors and committed itself to paying all the frozen deposits by 2011. Nevertheless, this law was, from the very beginning, full of technical and practical difficulties. It assumed the debt conversion into bonds on a voluntary basis. The bonds were issued in paper format and thus were liable to forgery and theft. The non-electronic format of bonds proved to be complicated for trading and clearing procedures as well.

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  • The hole closing reported in this letter is certainly not caused by deposition of carbon-rich material by the electron beam, a common phenomenon in electron microscopy. The observation that large pores expand is in direct contradiction with potential contamination growth. Secondly, electron-energy-loss spectra (EELS) locally obtained on the material that filled a nanopore clearly show the presence of silicon and oxygen,but the absence of any carbon (detection limit was less than 2%).

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  • Electrochemistry, long-time corner stone for fundamental chemistry and physics, now plays an important role in many areas of applied science and technology. A very broad range of applications of electrochemical principles and technologies is found in materials science. Electrochemical deposition of metals and alloys, formation of oxide films and semi-conductors, corrosion and corrosion protection, new polymer materials that can switch between metallic conductivity and semi-conducting properties, and new applications in fast-evolving nanotechnologies are just some of the examples....

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  • Generalities: The formation of gaseous O2 at the anode of an electrolytic cell containing an aqueous electrolyte solution is the most frequent electrode reaction. It has immense practical implication because it always accompanies the electrolytic production of H2 in water electrolyzers, the cathodic deposition of metals in metal electrowinning processes, and the application of a cathodic current in cathodic protection operations, and it takes place at the negative pole of metal–air power sources upon recharging. ...

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  • In this, the second volume of the two-volume review of carbonates in continental settings, we continue our survey of the important aspects of their formation and utilisation.Whereas the first volume emphasised the formation of carbonate sediments, covering the depositional settings, facies and sedimentological processes; this second volume examines the geochemistry, diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy of these deposits, along with some of the practical applications. The geochemistry of continental carbonates is discussed in depth in Chapter 1.

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  • In the kidney, the Th2-mediated response is characterized by formation of immune complexes and deposition in the glomerulus, which is usually followed by complement activation. On the other hand, the Th1-mediated response is characterized by infiltration of circulating mononuclear cells and crescent formation. Both responses are capable of releasing mediators that are responsible for functional and structural changes as seen in primary glomerular diseases.

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  • Phuoc  Hiep  corundum  occurrence  has  been  discovered  recently  in  the  Central  part    of  Vietnam  (Quang  Nam  Province).  Common  protoliths  in  the  region  are  high‐grade  metamorphic  rocks (typically of amphibolite‐granulite facies), such as garnet‐bearing amphibolites, gneisses and  schists, intruded by igneous formations of different composition and age. To date, the rubies and  fancy sapphires have been found in secondary, mostly alluvial deposits.

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  • After its emission or secondary formation, the length of time airborne matter will remain suspended in the air will depend upon its density, shape and size and meteorological conditions. Suspended particles are deposited by dry deposition, either by sedimentation and gravitational settling or impaction due to atmospheric turbulence and diffusion. This latter process is characteristic of particles which undergo Brownian movement and sizes below 0.1µm.

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