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  • This monograph describes a model for evaluating the combined capacity of organic (U.S. Air Force–owned and –operated) and contractor maintenance assets to meet aircraft programmed depot maintenance (PDM) workloads. The PDM Capacity Assessment Tool (PDMCAT) forecasts the average number of aircraft that will be in PDM status each year over several decades,1 based on the initial number of aircraft in PDM status, the physical capacity of the facility or facilities (number of docks available for conducting PDM work),...

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  • Part of a larger RAND Project Air Force study on capability-based programming, this report introduces a revealed preference methodology to estimate the value to the United States Air Force of expediting F-15 fighter jet programmed depot maintenance (PDM). Such a valuation estimate would be useful in depot-level

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  • Aging U.S. Air Force fleets have deterioration problems, resulting in increased maintenance workloads. Nowhere are those increases more troubling than in the workloads associated with programmed depot maintenance (PDM), which can be significant, requiring 2,000 to 50,000 labor hours. RAND developed the PDM

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  • This technical report describes the F-15 programmed depot maintenance (PDM) process as performed at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) in FYs 2004-2006. WR-ALC has a sequential process that F-15s follow when undergoing PDM. The average WR-ALC F-15 PDM visit runs behind schedule. This problem was

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  • Tóm tắt: Các tuyến đ-ờng sắt nội đô Hà Nội – Hà Đông, Nhổn – Ga Hà Nội đã đ-ợc Nhà n-ớc quyết định đầu t- và sẽ thực hiện trong thời gian tới để giải quyết vấn đề giao thông về phía tây Hà Nội. Để có thể vận hành có chất l-ợng cao, an toàn, tin cậy cho các đoàn tàu, song song với xây dựng tuyến, cần xây dựng depot và x-ởng sửa chữa đảm bảo thực hiện công tác bảo d-ỡng sửa chữa th-ờng xuyên cho các đoàn tầu metro. Nội dung bài báo trình bày...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The Washington Needle Depot: fitting healthcare to injection drug users rather than injection drug users to healthcare: moving from a syringe exchange to syringe distribution model

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Treatment patterns and clinical characteristics prior to initiating depot typical antipsychotics for nonadherent schizophrenia patients

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  • Obesity and its associated disorders, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, have now reached epidemic proportions in the Western world, resulting in dramatic increases in healthcare costs. Understanding the pro-cesses and metabolic perturbations that contribute to the expansion of adi-pose depots accompanying obesity is central to the development of appropriate therapeutic strategies.

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  • In a beauty contest for companies, the winner is . . . General Electric. Or at least General Electric is the most admired company in America, according to Fortunemagazine’s annual survey. The other top ten finalists are Cisco Systems,Wal- Mart Stores, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Berkshire Hathaway, Charles Schwab, Intel, and Dell Computer.What do these companies have that separates them from the rest of the pack?

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  • 98 Understanding the Numbers New England Business Services Inc. (1996) Noble Drilling Inc. (1991) NS Group Inc. (1992) Office Depot Inc. (1999) Osmonics Inc. (1993) Pall Corporation (2000) Petroleum Helicopters Inc. (1999) Phillips Petroleum Company (1990) Pollo Tropical Inc. (1995) Praxair Inc. (1999) Raven Industries Inc. (2000) Saucony Inc. (1999) Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. (1999) Shaw Industries Inc. (1999) The Sherwin-Williams Company (1999) Silicon Valley Group Inc. (1999) Southwest Airlines Inc. (1999) Standard Register Company (1999) SunTrust Banks Inc. (1999) Synthetech Inc.

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  • Trong mối quan tâm và chú ý tới những vấn đề nền tảng, các khách hàng ngày nay thường hướng tới những nhãn hiệu sạch, đáng tin cậy và được tôn trọng nhất trên thế giới.

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  • Những nguyên tắc bán khống (short sale) : -1- Người bán phải vay chứng khoán (stock certificate) ; -2- Người môi giới phải được thông báo rằng đó là bán khống; -3- Người bán phải trả cổ tức liên quan đến chứng khoán; -4- Người bán phải hoàn lại chứng khoán theo yêu cầu của người cho vay; -5- Người bán phải thực hiện ký quỹ (dépôt de marge)

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  • Dù là một hãng công nghệ sừng sỏ như Yahoo! hay quy mô lớn và có bề dày lịch sử như GE, Home Depot, các công ty lớn đều chật vật giữ chân những nhân tài sáng giá của mình. Sau đây là những thất bại điển hình của các công ty lớn trong việc giữ chân người tài, theo thống kê của tạp chí Forbes.

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  • This book is my attempt to come to terms with the country I love. I fi rst came here in September of 1958. I had worked my way over as a dish washer on the passenger ship Arosa Sky. We steamed into New York harbor. I saw the Statue of Liberty. Someone met me at the dock and took me to the Trailways depot to put me on a bus to Austin, Texas. Did I want a return ticket, valid for a year? I said yes. The man at the window began to write the ticket. I thought about it and said to my guide: No, one...

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  • KEY PUBLIC NETWORK CHARACTERISTICS The variety of public network choices cited in the preceding chapter lead some potential users to despair at what seems a plethora of alternatives. Actually, specific user requirements can quickly eliminate many network candidates. This permits a more straightforward assessment of realistic alternatives. A few of those salient user characteristics are discussed here. 3.

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  • efficiency and quality. NGOs should be involved as management partners of the government for the shrimp cultivating areas. This will help reduce social tensions among various groups in the cultivating areas and ensure participation of the poor communities in all activities including decision making process. 9. Financial Support: Farmers, depot owners, small boat owners and transporters suffer from lack of capital to perform fishing activities. They have to rely on informal sources such as middlemen and traders for credit at a very high cost.

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  • Mutual funds are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Autorité des marchés financiers’ fonds d’assurance-dépôts (Québec) or other deposit insurance. However, there are some safeguards in place to help protect investors. For example, a mutual fund’s assets must be held separately by a third party called a custodian. This is usually a chartered bank or trust company. Also, an independent auditor reviews and reports on the fund’s financial statements each year.

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  • As the program and concept of family planning grew more accepted, demand grew for other types of contraception, resulting in a pioneering project that used CHWs to deliver Depo Provera injections to their clients in their homes. The community-based distribution program proved so successful, it expanded from its initial three sites to 72 by the mid-1990s. Door-to-door delivery, however, is a costly and time-consuming approach to delivering family planning services. In 1991 Pathfinder’s projects in Bangladesh began to move toward a more sustainable village-based depot approach.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 74. Biology of Obesity Biology of Obesity: Introduction In a world where food supplies are intermittent, the ability to store energy in excess of what is required for immediate use is essential for survival. Fat cells, residing within widely distributed adipose tissue depots, are adapted to store excess energy efficiently as triglyceride and, when needed, to release stored energy as free fatty acids for use at other sites.

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