Designing recursive algorithms

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  • Subprogram implementation Recursion Designing recursive algorithms Recursion removal Backtracking Examples of backtracking and recursive algorithms: Factorial Fibonacci The towers of Hanoi Eight Queens Problem Tree-structured program: Look-ahead in Game

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  • Data structures and Algorithms: Recursion presents What is recursion? Outline of a Recursive Function, Recursive Factorial Method, Fibonacci sequence, Design a Recursive Algorithm, Euclid's Algorithm, Multiple recursion.

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  • We present an algorithm for generating strings from logical form encodings that improves upon previous algorithms in that it places fewer restrictions on the class of grammars to which it is applicable. In particular, unlike an Earley deduction generator (Shieber, 1988), it allows use of semantically nonmonotonic grammars, yet unlike topdown methods, it also permits left-recursion. The enabling design feature of the algorithm is its implicit traversal of the analysis tree for the string being generated in a semantic-head-driven fashion. ...

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  • C++ Unleashed is a survey of advanced topics in C++. The goal of this book is to provide a focused examination of each of these topics, covering the essential information you need to fully exploit the power of the C++ language. Many of the topics in this book deserve a book in their own right. Part III, “Manipulating Data” Part III opens Chapter 11—a discussion of advanced techniques using recursion. In Chapter 12, we discuss sorting algorithms, and in Chapter 13, we discuss object-oriented searching.

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  • In this chapter we will: introduce recursion as a programming technique, show how recursion can be used to simplify the design of complex algorithms, present several well known recursive algorithms (e.g. quicksort, merge sort, Guaussian elmination), introduce the linked list data structure and recursive implementations for several of its methods, present programs for drawing two types of fractal curves.

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