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  • The heart of any system that simulates the physical interaction between objects is collision detection-the ability to detect when two objects have come into contact. This system is also one of the most difficult aspects of a physical simulation to implement correctly, and invariably it is the main consumer of CPU cycles. Practitioners, new to the field or otherwise, quickly discover that the attempt to build a fast, accurate, and robust collision detection system takes them down a long path fraught with perils and pitfalls unlike most they have ever encountered.

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  • The Constituent Likelihood Automatic Word-tagging System (CLAWS) was originally designed for the low-level grammatical analysis of the million-word LOB Corpus of English text samples. CLAWS does not attempt a full parse, but uses a firat-order Markov model of language to assign word-class labels to words. CLAWS can be modified to detect grammatical errors, essentially by flagging unlikely word-class transitions in the input text.

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  • This paper describes a method for filtering satirical news articles from true newswire documents. We define a satirical article as one which deliberately exposes real-world individuals, organisations and events to ridicule. Satirical news articles tend to mimic true newswire articles, incorporating irony and non sequitur in an attempt to provide humorous insight. An example excerpt is:

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  • The world of IT is always evolving, but in every area there are stable, core concepts that anyone just setting out needed to know last year, needs to know this year, and will still need to know next year. The purpose of the Foundations series is to identify these concepts and present them in a way that gives you the strongest possible starting point, no matter what your endeavor. Network Security Foundations provides essential knowledge about the principles and techniques used to protect computers and networks from hackers, viruses, and other threats.

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  • When left to himself, however, he would seldom produce any music or attempt any recognized air. Leaning back in his arm-chair of an evening, he would close his eyes and scrape carelessly at the fiddle which was thrown across his knee.”

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  • NukeNabber can be considered a personal host intrusion detector for stand-alone PC’s, which will notify you of attempted connections to user-defined ports. Legion can be quite hard to find. Most other vulnerability scanners also now look for unprotected shares. In the back of your materials are additional references. (Editor’s note: for students taking this course online, the Glossary is included as a separate download file. – JEK)

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  • Take a look at the destination port in the first log entry on the slide. Port 22 means Secure Shell (SSH), right? Not quite, since in this case the transport protocol is UDP, which is not generally used for SSH traffic. A UDP port 22 connection attempt, especially when followed by an almost immediate connection to UDP port 5632 is almost always indicative of a pcAnywhere probe.

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  • During long time pest control was associated only to insecticides. The formulations were produced as an attempt of improving the insect control. However, some undesirable effects emerged in this time, mainly the toxin action and resistance. Insecticides are substances produced from chemical or biological products to control insect pests. The most common mode of action for insecticides is to kill insects by blocking physiological or biochemical processes (Ware & Whitacre, 2004).

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  • Algorithm Used by Group Policy to Detect Slow Network Links Group Policy can detect a slow network connection by using an algorithm. The algorithm that Group Policy uses to determine whether a link should be considered slow is as follows: 1. The client computer that is attempting to process Group Policy sends a zero byte file to the authenticating domain controller, or server, which then returns the file to the client. The client measures the time that it takes for the file to complete the roundtrip, and if it is less than ten milliseconds, the client assumes a fast...

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  • The primitive methods used for unsafe abortion show the desperation of the women. Surveys done in New York City before the legalisation of abortion on request documented the techniques in common use. 30 Of 899 women interviewed, 74 reported having attempted to abort one or more pregnancies; 338 noted that one of their friends, relatives, or acquaintances had done so. Of those reported abortion attempts, 80% tried to do the abortion themselves. Nearly 40% of women used a combination of approaches.

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  • It was the desire to create such a shift that led Anna Siomopoulos, Patricia Zimmermann and their colleagues at Ithaca College in New York to commission a new score by Fe Nunn in 2004 for a screening of Within Our Gates (USA, 1920, Oscar Michaeux) as a part of Black History Month. Combining a jazz quartet, African drumming and spoken-word performance, Siomopoulos and Zimmermann describe this new score as an attempt to “destabilize the film text, reanimate film reception, and complicate film spectatorship through music, spo- ken word, and multiple voices.

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  • ‘Professions’ have been subject to a variety of theoretical schema that attempt to identify their unique characteristics or traits: the features that can be regarded as the basis for the discrimination between forms of occupational organization and control that are professional and those that are not (Saks, 1983; Abbott, 1988). This elaboration of the essential traits of professions is more than a professional discourse.

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  • Historically, up to 5% of all myocardial infractions were associated with mechanical complications such free-wall rupture, papillary muscle rupture, and PI-VSD (Agnihotri, 2008). With current treatment algorithms that advocate early and aggressive attempts at revascularization of the acute ischemic myocardial – such as thrombolytic therapy, early percutanous interventions with coronary stenting (PCI), and, less frequently, emergent coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) – the overall incidence has dropped significantly.

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  • Because the SAR-SF form is not tailored to the insurance industry, analysts for this study used the narratives to attempt to identify the exact reason for each filing. Us- ing the list of characterizations of suspicious activities in the proposed dedicated SAR form for insurance companies as a reference, analysts divided the filings into categories for statistical purposes. Table 11 includes a breakdown of the reasons derived from information in the narratives for the 641 filings.

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  • A layer communicates with the equivalent layer in a different node. In order to get data to a peer layer, though, the layer at the transmitting node gives the data to the layer below it (on the same node), which adds a header containing additional information if necessary, and that layer in turn gives it to the layer below. As the packet is received by the destination node, each layer reads and strips off its own header, so that the packet received by layer n looks to that layer just like it did when it was sent down to layer n−1 for transmission. This seven-layer model...

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  • This article was written as a result of the authors teaching a network security subject in the Faculty of IT, at the University of Technology Sydney. There are many concepts which need to be well understood by network security students and practitioners. To assist in this there have been several attempts to classify different aspects of the subject area.

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  • The concentration in the large public company audit market is also unlikely to be reduced in the near term by midsize and smaller accounting firms because a significant majority is not interested in auditing large public companies and those that are interested face various challenges in expanding their capability to do so. Over 70 percent of midsize and smaller accounting firms indicated that they were not attempting to obtain large public company clients.

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  • Attackers can infect your computer with malicious software, or malware, in many different ways. They can take advantage of unsafe user practices and flaws in your computer’s programs (flaws including vulnerabilities and unsecured services and features) and use social engineering (in which an attacker convinces someone to perform an action such as opening a malicious email attachment or following a malicious link). Once your computer is infected, intruders can use the malware to access your computer without your knowledge to perform unwanted actions.

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  • A firewall is a device that controls the flow of information between your computer and the internet, similar to a router. Most modern operating systems include a software firewall. In addition to the operating system’s firewall, the majority of home routers have a firewall built in. Refer to your user’s guide for instructions on how to enable your firewall. Once your firewall is enabled, consult the user’s guide to learn how to configure the security settings and set a strong password to protect it against unwanted changes. ...

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  • In collaboration with the Programme MicroSave Africa, Postbanks in Kenya and Tanzania designed and introduced flexible savings accounts with unrestricted withdrawals to accommodate small busi- ness people who want to transact regularly. However, the success of these products went beyond the original target group with many banks’ passbook owners shifting and subscribing. Over time the success of Bidii account and Domiciled Quick account also reached high value account holders Bidii Account and Quick Account are card based and computer operated.

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