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  • In this paper we deal with Named Entity Recognition (NER) on transcriptions of French broadcast data. Two aspects make the task more difficult with respect to previous NER tasks: i) named entities annotated used in this work have a tree structure, thus the task cannot be tackled as a sequence labelling task; ii) the data used are more noisy than data used for previous NER tasks. We approach the task in two steps, involving Conditional Random Fields and Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars, integrated in a single parsing algorithm.

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  • Data transmission can contain errors. – Single-bit. – Burst errors of length n. (n: distance between the first and last errors in data block) • How to detect errors. – If only data is transmitted, errors cannot be detected. Send more information with data that satisfies a special relationship. -Add redundancy

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  • In this paper, we propose a practical method to detect Japanese homophone errors in Japanese texts. It is very important to detect homophone errors in Japanese revision systems because Japanese texts suffer from homophone errors frequently. In order to detect homophone errors, we have only to solve the homophone problem. We can use the decision list to do it because the homophone problem is equivalent to the word sense disambiguation problem.

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  • Mining retrospective events from text streams has been an important research topic. Classic text representation model (i.e., vector space model) cannot model temporal aspects of documents. To address it, we proposed a novel burst-based text representation model, denoted as BurstVSM. BurstVSM corresponds dimensions to bursty features instead of terms, which can capture semantic and temporal information.

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  • The Power of Accounting: What the Numbers Mean and How to Use Them provides a highly readable text for non-financial managers. It explores accounting’s uses and limitations in the management process. The text is intended for users of accounting information as opposed to preparers. It focuses on aiding the reader in understanding what accounting numbers mean, what they do not mean, when and how they can be used for decision making and planning and when they cannot. Larry Lewis is a Professor of Accounting at the University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business, USA.

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  • Our desire for the event notification service to be general purpose also compli- cates the routing problem for the service. In particular, we assume that objects of interest have no knowledge of interested parties. Therefore, event notifica- tions cannot be addressed and routed in the same, relatively simple manner as, for example, an electronic mail message. Moreover, we cannot assume any particular locality of objects of interest and interested parties, which is a fact that bears a strong relationship to the server topology issue.

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  • The Semantic Web [22] holds out a different vision, that of information laid bare so that it can be collected, manipulated, and annotated independent of its location or presentation format- ting. While the Semantic Web promises much more effective access to information, it has faced a chicken-and-egg problem getting off the ground. Without substantial quantities of data avail- able in Semantic Web form, users cannot benefit from tools that work directly with information rather than pages, and Semantic Web-based software agents have little data to show their useful- ness.

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  • The data on profitability start with an important finding: earning profits does not imply being a “for-profit” bank. Most microfinance institutions in our sample that have total revenues exceeding total costs in fact have “non-profit” status. They are earning profits in an accounting sense, but as non-profits they cannot distribute those profits to investors.

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  • Affirming the right of every child and every pregnant and lactating woman to be adequately nourished, as a means of attaining and maintaining health; Recognizing that infant malnutrition is part of the wider problems of lack of education, poverty, and social injustice; Recognizing that the health of infants and young children cannot be isolated from the health and nutrition of women, their socioeconomic status and their roles as mothers; Conscious that breast-feeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; that it forms a uniqu...

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  • The importance of fisheries in a country cannot only be measured by the contribution to the GDP, but one must also take into consideration that fisheries resources and products are fundamental components of human feeding and employment. Another aspect that makes fisheries resources important is the self renewable character. Unlike mineral resources, if the fishery resources or any other biological resources are well managed, their duration is pratically unlimited.

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  • There are many different types of upholstered chairs and sofas, and they vary widely in quality. Most of the quality characteristics are similar for all upholstered items. There are, however, a few home furnishing items such as recliners and sleeper sofas that have additional quality characteristics. A high price tag does not necessarily indicate quality. High-quality and low-quality upholstered furniture can be found in all price ranges. High-quality upholstery is difficult to evaluate because you cannot see inside the furniture. There are, however, methods of determining quality.

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  • The last tab lets you define whether users are allowed to make changes to the firewall settings or if all the settings should be taken by clients from the console and cannot be altered. Select Override settings modified by users if you do not want to allow users to modify the firewall settings. In this case, even if a password is not set to protect firewall settings and the settings were modified, they will be ovewritten the next time the published configuration is requested. If you want to allow users to modify some settings, select the Allow user to modify...

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  • There are some differences between military and civilian protection orders. Military protection orders are enforceable only on the base where they are issued. These orders do not meet the due process requirements for full faith and credit because the abuser is not given notice and the opportunity to be heard. Since military protection orders cannot be enforced off the installation, you may want to consider also getting a civil protection order in a judicial district near the military installation.

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  • This is a case in which the schemas of the two banks differ, so the merger becomesmore difficult. The identifying attribute for persons in the US is social-security, and in Canada it is social-insurance. Therefore the merged schema cannot use either of these. Instead we introduce a new attribute person-id,and use this uniformly for everybody in the merged schema. No other change to the schema is required. The values for the person-id attribute may be obtained by several ways.

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  • Having thus explored the statistical relationships between the D-P and the Structural typologies it is concluded that: (a) The Structural Typology provides slightly greater discrimination between regions in terms of their socio-economic performance (as reflected in the five indicators incorporated in the A- D index) than the D-P typology. Although we cannot claim to have proved so conclusively, this seems to suggest that sectoral structure is a more influential determinant of regional performance than is degree of rurality or accessibility.

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  • If you want to breed your own stock of chickens, you cannot go on using the hybrid breeds, as their high productivity will go down. You can only get high production with hybrid layers if you buy chickens regularly. It is therefore advisable to use local breeds, which are often much cheaper to keep. Another advantage of local chicken breeds is that they are better adapted to local conditions and are less susceptible to diseases than the more fragile hybrids. Local breeds are usually lighter in weight and have smaller eggs than those of hybrid breeds. ...

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  • The new office should exercise both horizontal and vertical coordination: horizontally, across healthcare providers, consumers, public health programs, standards development organizations, payers, government agencies, academic and healthcare institutions, and others, and vertically, through local, State, and national entities. It must explicitly encompass the personal health, healthcare provider, and population health dimensions rather than focus on any single area.

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  • When there is too much cholesterol (a fat-like sub- stance) in your blood, it builds up in the walls of your arteries. Over time, this buildup causes “hard- ening of the arteries” so that arteries become nar- rowed and blood flow to the heart is slowed down or blocked. The blood carries oxygen to the heart, and if enough blood and oxygen cannot reach your heart, you may suffer chest pain. If the blood supply to a portion of the heart is completely cut off by a blockage, the result is a heart attack.

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  • The importance of rigorous training of clients to the success of microfinance cannot be overemphasized. The most successful programs and institutions train their staff and train their clients, both initially and in stages, over time. Training includes diverse topics such as customer service, purchasing stock, marketing, time management, bookkeeping and planning for the future. In the end, a successful microfinance institution must achieve the “double bottom-line” – economic growth without compromising their core mission of serving poor clients.

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  • Any one of the media evaluated can interchangeably be used as an obligatory isolation medium for the detection and enumeration of L. monocytogenes in foods, and for the detection in feed-stuffs. The L. monocytogenes specific plating media that were evaluated shorten the time of analysis and significantly reduce the work load. The detection of positive samples mostly after Half-Fraser enrichment, reduces the analysis time further, and makes it possible to skip the secondary enrichment. However, secondary enrichment cannot be totally left out, because samples with low levels of L.

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