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  • How Direct Expansion Air-Conditioning Achieves Performance Goals For most of the A / C market, refrigeration-based ( DX ) cooling is the standard, and provides a point of comparison for new technologies. To describe the benefits and improvements of DEVap A / C technology, we must discuss standard A / C. Standard A / C reacts to SHR by cooling the air sensibly and, if dehumidification is required, by cooling the air below the dew point.

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  • air-water jet moist air is cooled below its dew point by refrigerated water so that although the air leaves close to saturation with water, it has less moisture per unit volume than when it entered. 2. Apparatus to wash particulates and soluble impurities from air by passing the airstream through a liquid bath or spray. { er wash ər } air-water jet [ENG] A jet of mixed air and water which leaves a nozzle at high velocity; used in cleaning the surfaces of concrete or rock. { ¦er ¦wod ər jet } ˙ air-water storage tank [ENG] A water storage tank...

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  • When large dew-point depressions are required, specialized dehydration systems using highly concentrated glycol will be necessary. If limited space is available, special systems may be used to achieve the required dew point depressions. Normal dehydration systems with TEG glycol purity of 98.5% are capable of achieving dew point depressions up to 70  F. Stripping gas may be used to obtain higher dew point depressions. Vacuum-operated glycol units can achieve glycol purities of up to 99.9% but are rarely used because of:...

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  • Question: I (10 points) a. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. cured B. killed C. waved D. washed 2. A. though B. thing C. thought D. through 3. stays B. states C. answers D. leaves 4. dew B. knew C. sew D. few 5. garland B. garlic C. garden D. garage b. Pick out the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest. 1. A. report B. orbit C. promise D. schedule 2. A. available B. average C. aquatic D. athletic 3. A. potential B. apprentice C. delicate...

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