Dignity at work

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  • Dignity at Work Human dignity, the ability to establish a sense of self-worth and selfrespect and to enjoy the respect of others, is necessary for a fully realized life. Working with dignity is a fundamental part of achieving a life well-lived, yet the workplace often poses challenging obstacles because of mismanagement or managerial abuse. Defending dignity and realizing self-respect through work are key to workers’ well-being. Insuring the dignity of employees is equally important for organizations as they attempt to make effective use of their human capital.

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  • Ask anyone in your workplace what treatment they most want at work. They will likely top their list with the desire to be treated with dignity and respect. Popular songs tout the need for respect. Hỏi bất cứ ai trong sự điều trị gì workplace (của) các bạn Họ Đa số muốn tại công việc. Chúng sẽ hợp lý chụp lên danh sách của họ với sự ao ước để được thương lượng với phẩm giá và sự kính trọng. Những bài hát Đại chúng chào hàng Nhu cầu (cho) sự kính trọng....

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  • This research was conducted over a period of 10 years during which time I lived in five different countries and learnt three languages. The project started germinating when I was still an undergraduate student and first encountered comparative constitutional law at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg. It subsequently became the subject of my Diplôme d’Études Approfondies (DEA, equivalent to a LLM) dissertation and of the PhD proposal that I submitted to the European University Institute (EUI), where I undertook most of the research on which this work is based....

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