Discrete time signals

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Discrete – time signals, discrete – time systems, convolution description of linear time – invariant systems, properties of linear time – invariant systems, analytic evaluation of convolution, numerical computation of convolution, real – time implementation of FIR filters,...

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  • A significant revision of a best-selling text for the introductory digital signal processing course. This book presents the fundamentals of discrete-time signals, systems, and modern digital processing and applications for students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science.The book is suitable for either a one-semester or a two-semester undergraduate level course in discrete systems and digital signal processing. It is also intended for use in a one-semester first-year graduate-level course in digital signal processing. ...

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  • Lecture Digital signal processing - Lecture 1 introduction, discrete-time signals and systems. After completing this chapter, students will be able: To make the students able to apply digital filters according to known filter specifications, to provide the knowledge about the principles behind the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and its fast computation,...

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  • Bài giảng "Xử lý tín hiệu số: Signal and System in Time Domain" cung cấp cho người học các kiến thức: Discrete time signals, discrete time systems, LTI systems. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Chapter 3 presents the discrete-time systems. In this chapter, you will learn to: Input/output relationship of the systems, linear time-invariant (LTI) systems, FIR and IIR filters, causality and stability of the systems.

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  • Lecture Signal processing: Fourier representation of signals include all of the following content: Sinusoidal signals and their properties, fourier representation of continuous – time signals, fourier representation of discrete – time signals, summary of fourier series and fourier transforms, properties of the discrete – time fourier transform.

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  • Lecture Signal processing: Sampling of continuous – Time signals include all of the following content: Ideal periodic sampling of continous – time signals, reconstruction of a bandlimited signal from its samples, the effect of undersampling: aliasing, discrete – time processing of continuous – time signals, practical sampling and reconstruction, sampling of bandpass signals.

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  • Bài giảng "Xử lý tín hiệu số: Fourier Transform" cung cấp cho người học các kiến thức: Frequency analysis of discrete time signal, properties of Fourier transform, frequency domain characteristics of LTI systems, discrete Fourier Transform, fast Fourier Transform. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the representation of signals as a sequence of numbers and the algorithmic operations carried out on the signals to extract specific information contained in them. In barely 40 years the field of digital signal processing has matured considerably due to the phenomenal growth in both research and applications, and almost every university is now offering at least one or more courses at the upper division and/or first-year graduate level on this subject. ...

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  • This authoritative book, highly regarded for its intellectual quality and contributions provides a solid foundation and life-long reference for anyone studying the most important methods of modern signal and system analysis. The major changes of the revision are reorganization of chapter material and the addition of a much wider range of difficulties.

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  • Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) algorithms have become standard tools for discrete-time signal and image processing in several areas in research and industry. As DWT provides both frequency and location information of the analyzed signal, it is constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The present book: Discrete Wavelet Transforms: Theory and Applications describes the latest progress in DWT analysis in non-stationary signal processing, multi-scale image enhancement as well as in biomedical and industrial applications....

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  • Signals are usually classified into four categories. A continuous time signal x.t/ has the field of real numbers R as its domain in that t can assume any real value.

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  • After studying this chapter students will be able to understand frequency analysis of signals and systems. This chapter includes content: Discrete time fourier transform DTFT, discrete fourier transform DFT, fast fourier transform FFT.

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  • Lecture Digital signal processing - Lecture 4 present sampling and reconstruction. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Periodic sampling, „frequency domain representation, reconstruction, changing the sampling rate using discretetime processing.

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  • Lecture 6 - System structures for implementation presents the following content: Block diagram representation of computational structures, signal flow graph description, basic structures for IIR systems, transposed forms, basic structures for FIR systems.

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  • Lecture Digital signal processing - Lecture 7 presents the following content: Filter design, IIR filter design, analog filter design, IIR filter design by impulse invariance, IIR filter design by bilinear transformation.

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  • Lecture Digital signal processing - Lecture 4 introduce the discrete fourier transform. This lesson presents the following content: The discrete Fourier series, the Fourier transform of periodic signals, sampling the Fourier transform, the discrete Fourier transform, properties of the DFT, linear convolution using the DFT.

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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Direct computation of the DFT, decimation-in-time FFT algorithms, decimation-in-frequency FFT algorithms, fourier analysis of signals using the DFT.

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  • Suitable for a one- or two-semester undergraduate-level electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science course in Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing. Assumes some prior knowledge of advanced calculus, linear systems for continuous-time signals, and Fourier series and transforms. Giving students a sound balance of theory and practical application, this no-nonsense text presents the fundamental concepts and techniques of modern digital signal processing with related algorithms and applications.

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  • SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS ( a ) x(r - 2 ) is sketched in Fig. 1-18(a). ( 6 ) x ( 2 0 is sketched in Fig. 1-18(b). ( c ) x(t/2) is sketched in Fig. 1-18(c). ( d ) X ( - t ) is sketched in Fig. 1-1Nd). (c) F g 1-18 i. 1.2. A discrete-time signal x [ n ] is shown in Fig. 1-19. Sketch and label each of the following signals. ( a ) x [ n - 21; ( b ) x [ 2 n ] ; ( c ) x[-n]; (d) x[-n + 21 F g 1-19 i. .CHAP. 11 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS (a) (b) (c)...

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