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  • This paper discusses a proposal by Alexander Gode that Interlingua be used as an intermediate language for mechanical translation. The wordby-word translations proposed by Gode from Interlingua into English are not always easily understandable or editable, because of the presence in Interlingua of idioms, reflexive verbs, multiple meanings for particles and other words, and non-English word-order. Some revisions in Interlingua are suggested which would make it more useful for mechanical translation....

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  • We present Subgroup Detector, a system for analyzing threaded discussions and identifying the attitude of discussants towards one another and towards the discussion topic. The system uses attitude predictions to detect the split of discussants into subgroups of opposing views. The system uses an unsupervised approach based on rule-based opinion target detecting and unsupervised clustering techniques. The system is open source and is freely available for download.

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  • The rapid and continuous growth of social networking sites has led to the emergence of many communities of communicating groups. Many of these groups discuss ideological and political topics. It is not uncommon that the participants in such discussions split into two or more subgroups. The members of each subgroup share the same opinion toward the discussion topic and are more likely to agree with members of the same subgroup and disagree with members from opposing subgroups.

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  • Which is more difficult to do? Give or take? Listen or talk? Why do we remember some peple and forget others? What's the difference between a good or bad rule? Who has most influence on your opinions? Would your ideal friend be beutiful or sincere?.Or vocabulary words, a person's vocabulary is the set of words in a language which they are familiar (known).

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  • Academic Listening Encounters: Life in Society develops students’ listening and note-taking skills using a variety of recorded materials, including both informal interviews and formal classroom lectures. These engaging materials introduce students to stimulating topics in sociology, such as peer pressure, gender roles, and the influence of the media. They also provide plentiful opportunities for speaking and discussion activities. An Audio CD with the lecture portion of the audio program is included with the book to provide extra listening practice.

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  • Challenging prejudice, sterotyping and judgemental behaviour, this volume consists of 40 discussion stories which reflect society and the problems young people face today. Aimed at promoting discussion and awareness, the author challenges young people to consider events and the part they themselves play in life, thus producing more responsible and independantly thinking young adults.

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  • Discussion Questions & Answers: Cf: F & O (2005) and F, O, & F (2002) Q1. Why should a tax on gasoline provide a larger incentive to reduce air emissions from motor vehicles than an annual tax on owning a vehicle? Answer: The answer depends upon the magnitude of the fuel tax relative to the vehicle tax. A fuel tax targets the three components of emission reduction (i.e. a) number of vehicles on the road; b) miles per vehicle; and c) emissions per mile). On the other hand, an annual tax affects only the marginal decisions to put a car...

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  • Wiki Page là trang web cho phép bất kỳ người dùng nào có thể chỉnh sửa nó nếu họ cảm thấy phù hợp. Tất cả người dùng đều có khả năng kiểm soát nội dung, vì Wiki dựa trên giả định rằng hầu hết các độc giả có ý tốt. Vì vậy, người sử dụng như chia sẻ thông tin, kiến thức, kinh nghiệm, ý tưởng đến tất cả mọi người. Bên cạnh đó .

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  • Food availability, access, stability and utilization are all part of the multi-dimensional nature of food security. The “availability” aspect, discussed here, refers to the availability of sufficient quantities of food of appropriate quality, supplied through domestic production or inputs. Productivity is usually considered the ultimate benchmark when comparing the performance of agricultural systems. For example, those involved in agricultural research and development want to know how much yield would be reduced if conventional agriculture were converted to organic agriculture.

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  • A discussion proposal on people's adaptability to floods in the Mekong river delta

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  • Thủ thuật php Sử dụng PHP để chuyển đến 1 URL khác PHP Code: Trong HTML bạn có thể sử dụng đoạn mã sau: Code: Please wait...

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  • a. annoying b. arguing c. discussing d. shouting b 22. A good clock always keeps ...………. time. a. certain b. true c. accurate d. serious c 23. I’m not .............. well with the new director. a. getting on b. going on c. keeping on d. taking on a 24. She has ....…….. a lot of money in her new job. a. gained b. earned c. found d. done b 25. He finished ............... the book and watched TV. a. read b. to read c. reading d. reads c 26. Would you ......…….. my opening the windows now? a. want b....

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  • Hue: Hello every body My name is Hue. I am an interviewer of BBC. Welcome to discuss topics of our day today! CEO stands for the chief excutive officer. It means that the highest leader in the company or the excutive director. So what are the necessary qualities to be come a competent leader. That is the topic of our discussion today. In our meeting, we have the participation of some invited guests who are the successful businessman.

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  • This title explores the issue of innovation engineering, a feature that is essential to the continuation of growth and development in the commercial world. Discussion is divided into three parts: Part I covers the historical basis of innovation, noting that diversity rests upon a duality between concepts in theory and applications put into practice, as well as discussing how innovation has resulted from the interaction of numerous factors, be they societal, human, managerial, organization or technological.

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  • There is no general consensus on how to define various risk-related terms, including the term “risk” itself, and people may have different views on how those terms apply to their particular organization. Both fund boards and advisers would benefit from establishing a common understanding of the terms and concepts they use in risk-related discussions, as well as how they apply to their funds. Some advisers include definitions or descriptions of how they view risk and risk management in their board presentations.

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  • The present volume documents a fireside discussion with the world renowned oceanographer, Walter Munk, and gives the reader, whether scientist or surfer, a rare insight into a lifetime of passion for oceanography and geophysics. The book highlights the pioneering contributions Walter has made to wave prediction, ocean circulation, tides and their role in the Earth’s dynamics, internal waves, and ocean acoustic thermometry. It celebrates his zest for life and family, as well as his lasting curiosity. Munk’s career, spanning 70 years of innovation, has inspired generations...

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  • In this second edition of Industrial Servo Control Systems, the chapters have been updated and expanded and a new chapter has been added on servo compensating techniques. The book continues to be dedicated to the practicing engineer making the transition from academic theory to the realworld solution of engineering problems related to the application of servo drives to industrial machines. Part I focuses on the evolution and classification of servos, with descriptions of servo drive actuators, amplifiers, feedback transducers, performance, and troubleshooting techniques.

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