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  • CONCLUSIONS None of the additional characteristics for CatListGram affects the weak capacity of a categorial grammar; i.e.: • exclusive cancellation of primitives does not affect recognition capacity maintaining more than one argument stack does not affect recognition capacity merging argument stacks of primary and secondary category does not affect recognition capacity and it takes more than disharmony to induce permutation closure.

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  • Island biogeography is an important subject for several reasons. First, it has been and remains a field which feeds ideas, theories, models, and tests of same into ecology, evolutionary biology, and biogeography. This is because islands provide natural scientists with model systems—replicated and simplified contexts—allowing us to isolate particular factors and processes and to explore their effects.

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  • This book is divided to five main chapters discussing the different steps and stages of the project. It also discusses some of the most important topics that help introducing The Medical diagnoses system. The main task Auriculartherapy using ear acupuncture is a highly developed system for diagnosing and treating disharmonies anywhere in the body by expertly examining the ear.

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